How To Take Semi-Professional Looking Pictures with Your iPhone

With the seasons changing I usually do a photo shoot with my kids on our front porch. We have a blank, white, brick wall that I use as a backdrop and snap away using my iPhone.  

1. Find a neutral backdrop. Brick wall, fence, light colored wall.  

2. Use props you already have on hand. We just did a spring photo shoot this past Monday, and I used the plants I had just planted in the pots on the front porch as some props for out pictures. for Christmas, you could use Christmas lights, wreaths, etc.

3. Dress your kiddos in an appropriate (maybe even matching) outfits for the season or holiday you're wanting pics for.  

4. Lighting - make sure there's enough light where you are. Not direct sunlight but a good amount. You don't want squinty kid eyes in your picks from the sun shining directly on them.  

5. If you have the iPhone7 plus, use the portrait option! It's incredible. The pictures below were all taken with that particular feature! 

6. Be patient. It might take awhile because you're taking pictures of small children. You might only get one or two great pics out of the hundred you snap, but that's okay! Upload that pic to the Walgreens app and get it printed! :) 

Enjoy pictures from our photo shoot, and go have your only little photo shoot. 



Happy Spring! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Here's an example of the portrait feature if you click to focus on one object/person it blurs everything else around it:


Because the Sh*t Will (Eventually) Hit the Fan

I'm so worn out by the way we do motherhood. 

And I'm realizing that there should've been a tenth chapter in my book (I already published). 

If I could go back, I would call it "Embracing One Another".



You see, there's this huge burden on my heart lately. An old elementary school friend of mine has been in the hospital for the entirety of 2017. With her son. Who has only ever known hospital walls. 

And this son of hers, precious, beautiful, perfect child, has an extremely rare form of epilepsy that could, honestly, be terminal for this little guy. 

And yet, all around me, I see mothers go about bashing and critiquing and correcting and chastising and beating one another down. 

Oh, not so much in person, but "cowardly-style", behind our thumbs and screens. 

(There's probably some of you that are still hung up over my almost use of the "s" word in my title. Some "hypocrite Christian she is".)

We're cruel. We're brutal. We're about making sure that everyone knows that this motherhood thing can't be done any better than the way we're doing it. 

(I should know. I used to be one of them. But with experience, comes wisdom.)

And then this world has women, mothers that are literally going through hell on earth, and they'd do just about anything to get out of it. 

We seem to be so consumed about one-upping those Pinterest Darlings, that we forget that we are all human beings, with real trials, and challenges, and, yes, even feelings. 

There aren't any "safe spaces" for motherhood. (Although, a lot of you may say that Target counts).

Because aren't we all trying here? 

Isn't this gig hard enough? 

I mean, maybe we aren't trying our best all of the time. Maybe, in fact, we are barely ever trying our best. I know I don't.

Maybe our best is just in the trying. And maybe that mother that feels completely guilty for not being as blog-worthy as the next mom, just needs you to say to her that it's just right. She's doing motherhood just right. 

The sh*t always will hit the fan. It just will. There's an endless supply, if you haven't noticed yet. (Story of your life, eh?)

And maybe the walls are covered in the room you're standing in. Maybe you feel like you're the only one that can clean this mess up, but in reality, it's too much for one person. 

We need to be cleaning one another's walls. Lifting each other up. Embracing one another. Showing up and doing. Encouraging. Loving. Being. Looking. 

Looking for opportunities to pray for, come alongside, give breaks, love on, and listen to other mothers. 

Just think of one thing. 

Just one. 

And do it. Words. Deeds. Living and Breathing together. 

Because it's all hard. It's so hard by itself. Life adds the extra. 

So, be the extra-takers. 

Love, ae.

Out on the town: A family adventure to Lynchburg's Old City Cemetery

Happy First Day of Spring! Today I'm sharing with you a little family adventure we did yesterday. Going out as a family does not have to cost a thing and can be a lot of fun. With little ones it is hard to get out but it's so worth it to get a new scenery and some fresh air. Yesterday, my husband, my daughter and myself went on a little adventure in our downtown area. We walked around our Old City Cemetery. This area is chalked full of history and it a perfect place to get some pictures taken. We didn't get to see the entire cemetery (someone got tired) but its a beautiful place with an old chapel, museum and fun swing. We are hoping to go back in some warmer weather and see the rose garden (the largest collection of antique roses in VA) in full bloom as well as swing on the swing. Enjoy some of our pictures and get out and enjoy the sunshine today! 


If you ever find yourself in Lyncburg, VA, check out the Old City Cemetery and stay tuned for pictures of the antique roses! Have a great day! 



A little throwback...

Here is the fun swing at the park. This is pre-husband and pre-baby! 

Here is the fun swing at the park. This is pre-husband and pre-baby!