When God Makes All Your Dreams Come True

I am so tired. 

And I've felt so uninspired lately. 

Writing, for me, is currently like when you haven't seen or really spoken much to your best friend in like a month. You don't overly worry about the space because you're so comfortable with it, you know the next time you meet up, it'll be as if no time had passed anyway. 

But that's how I've felt about writing. I've missed it. A lot. But, yet, sometimes there's just nothing to write about. Sometimes life gives you a lot of the same, and you're tired of regurgitating the same four topics all of the time. 


I had one of my semi-famous "In the Shower" lightbulb moments. I don't know why I do my best thinking in the bathroom. It's not like I don't still have a slew of groupies following me there each time, eager to observe how a human 33-year-old female uses the facilities. 

My old "Chicken Soup For the Teenage Soul Journal" had somehow made it's way to the coffee table in our wood stove room. Who else had some "Chicken Soup" literature hanging around in their home in the nineties? If you did, you were just one of the millions who jumped on that train when it went chugging along for a few years. 

I dared open that old book, and when I did, I not only got some good laughs, but I shed a few tears and felt my cheeks become warm, as I bared my sixteen year old soul to these pages. 

Several things stood out to me: 

1) My thought life was a solid pile of crap back then, too! Nearly eighteen years of hard work has gone into that since then. Fabulous. 

2) My handwriting was semi-atrocious. Okay, maybe not really, but it wasn't cool like it is now. 

3) I wrote down my dreams and I only had three:


 Marry Mike.

Become a mother of five. (Yes, creepy).  

And teach.  



Simple dreams. Nothing crazy. 


And I gasped a bit when I realized these three little dreams that were dreamed up one afternoon after school, I'm assuming, actually came true.


And then my heart fell.  


I realized: dreams coming true don't equal happiness.  


I know this because I'm not happy. Whether I have a legit medical issue that keeps its heavy boot on my longing to be happy, or if it's all me, I'm not. Either way, I'm just not. 


I jiggled my head back and forth slightly, as if performing that exercise would somehow shake me back into reality.  


Hours later, while in the shower, God spoke to me. He may as well had just spoke audibly because it was pretty clear what the lesson was here.  


He said, "I gave you your dreams, everything you wanted, and more. And I know you're not happy. Because you should've been just wanting me, instead, all along."  





Yeah. Exactly. 


Sometimes God gives us everything we want, only to make us realize that He is all we really needed.  


And so, dream writing may not be in my future anymore. Sure, it's not wrong to desire things and yearn to be better and have experiences that make us go "wow", but maybe the only dream worth writing down is simply this: To Understand God.  


To understand someone, we've gotta see their whole heart. The only way this is possible is if we actively sit at the feet of the one we seek to desperately understand. 



To take in their words, their expressions, what makes them feel purpose, to really seek to understand them inside and out.  


But we're too busy to do that.  


And that dream takes the focus off of me. What I want.  


So we have this ability to stop dreaming up the crumbs of life, and to really find the courage to seek this Kingdom, this Creator first. 


And then...all these things will be added... 


And maybe we'll all be the happiest ones.  

And because He is our only dream, all of the other dreams will come true.  


So maybe you're feeling like I've been.  

Maybe you've realized God has given you your dreams, and yet, you feel like your dreamcatcher is empty. 


Share below. I love hearing from you.  






Debt Free Summer ☀️

This is how we feel about it being summer time!☀️ 

This is how we feel about it being summer time!☀️ 

I don't know about you, but we aren't going anywhere this summer (or maybe even the entire year). We're trying so hard to get debt free, fix up our house, and send our kids to preschool in the fall... so planning my weeks out in advance so that I'm not tempted to spend money is a must! Here's how I do it:

1. Plan your weeks in advance! Pick themes for your weeks. This coming week is monster week at our place. Here's what we have planned:



Get this amazing lego challenge calendar here!

2. I take advantage of all things free in my city! 

- children's museum (we were gifted a membership) - summer movie days at your local theaters (bring your own snacks) - splash pads - pool day in your neighborhood - concert nights in my small towns Main Street area - library trips - storytime at Barnes and Noble  - free days at your local museums - 

Swimming hole near our house. Free fun and it's beautiful! 

Swimming hole near our house. Free fun and it's beautiful! 

If you life in the Austin area you must follow Do512Family! There's so much to do for free. 


3. Make a weekly budget for your extra spending, and get that money out of your bank account. Having cash to spend at special outings is a must or you'll just keep swiping that credit card / debit card without a care in the world. Cash is king and when you run out of it, no more spending!  

4. Try to set aside a certain amount of money each week throughout the summer. My husband and I have started a thing where if one of us says "let's go get coffee" - the other person has to get on the phone right then and throw whatever we would spend on coffee into our savings account. Are we always successful at this?! no way! We give in. Especially when it comes to going out for coffee or food... it's our biggest weakness in our spending life. 🤦🏼‍♀️ But it is a fun game and it's nice to have someone keep me accountable to our goals. 


I hope you enjoy an amazing summer. Full of memories, lots of laughs, cook outs, pool days, and tons of fun without going into debt or breaking the bank. Have fun, and remember moments with your families are the very best gifts you can give one another. ☀️☀️☀️


Our Favorite (All Natural/Deet Free) Bug Repellent.


The dangers of traditional bug repellent sprays and lotions, are now, widely known. 


Mothers everywhere have to read labels on countless bottles and lotions, searching for the dreaded Deet ingredient. 


You may have even spent more money than you intended on high dollar bug repellent solutions for your child's sensitive skin.  


I've been there.  


We used to live in a very high traffic suburban neighborhood. Very few trees. Very few opportunities for bugs as most everyone had their yards sprayed yearly with chemicals. 

The worst the summertime used to offer us was the occasional swarm of mosquitos that loved to nest on top of the kids sandbox lid after it rained.


Moving out to the deep woods was a game changer.  


Nature here is untouched and the amount of creepy crawlies and critters we encounter are vast. In fact, sometimes I feel like I live at the nature center.  


And the ticks. 


Oh, the ticks!! 


It's awful. Anyone else feel me?!  


Soon on after we moved, I had had it.  


Kids would come inside, covered in little red bumps everywhere. I'd pull a tick off one of them every other day. And the spiders and ants and earwigs and spider crickets and on and on and on never left us alone.


My husband would spray them down with Deep Woods Spray, but that stuff was FILLED to the brim with harmful pesticides and chemicals. And it was NOT Deet free by any stretch.  


At this point in my life, I was changing our tune about using products with chemicals. I really had a strong desire to search for more natural solutions. 


I discovered this amazing natural solution two years ago after exhausting all other options.  


This bottle was just $9 and had 250 applications. 


For a family our size, I was excited to see something that could be stretched so far. 


Introducing, Terrashield. 



TerraShield is my family’s favorite blend for the summer.

We spend a lot of time outside (A LOT) and this is the magic that wards off any insects that want to join our summer festivities.

This oil is safe for everyone in your family and can even help your garden flourish by giving it a protective barrier.

Terrashield comes in two different options: the Oil Blend bottle (250 drops/15mL) and the ready made spray (30 mL).  

Terrashield comes in two different options: the Oil Blend bottle (250 drops/15mL) and the ready made spray (30 mL).  

TerraShield has recently been updated to include Tamanu oil which not only provided extra benefits for your use but is positively impacting families in Madagascar through dōTERRA’s Cō-Impact Sourcing.

This blend can be diffused or applied topically using the TerraShield Spray to provide a defense against the annoyances of outdoor activities.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend, $14 Retail, $10.50 Wholesale 

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend, $14 Retail, $10.50 Wholesale 

I suggest making it stretch even further by taking a glass spray bottle and putting several drops in and filling the rest with distilled water.  


Learn more about this blend by clicking here or click here to read more about the spray.


How have you used it to keep your family protected?


Are you curious about essential oils?  


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