The Importance of Being (somewhat) Organized...

Here are some ideas of how to be organized from a mom Bible study I attended a few weeks ago. It was about the importance about being organized as a mom, even if it doesn't come naturally to you~ !

Why I said "goodbye" to laundry hampers

I think I've tried every suggested laundry method out there. From having an entire day of the week dedicated to the laundry-pocalypse, to sorting/not sorting, to doing a load or two a day to avoid an entire day being trapped in the laundry closet. Everything I tried just added to my laundry loathing.

If I hate laundry so much, then why do I continue having children that ultimately produce more laundry?!

Good question....nah, I'm just kidding.;)

But seriously, I think I've found the method for avoiding all the laundry woes I used to continuously wallow in.

The secret: no laundry hampers.

Now, you may think I'm crazy. But honey, if you only knew my sense of desperation as the moving drama accumulated and baby's arrival fast approaching. And while not using laundry baskets/hampers for your laundry may be akin to going braless on a blustery fall day, trust works, it is working. And boy, do I feel free.

I'm completely aware that not everyone has access to their own personal laundry space and must transport their laundry to and from a local laundromat. I'm also aware, all too aware actually, that some of y'all may have just a tiny tiny space in which to do laundry. That was me for the past nine years. This is not a one size fits all solution. But for those of you that want to attempt it or need that change in your routine, I highly encourage you to remove all hampers from your household.

I simply use a very giving sort of plastic handled container that I got last year at Target.

Here she is:


This STAYS in the laundry room. It must never leave. Never. The kids must walk their clothes to the red container at the end of each day. This has helped tremendously because no longer do they decide what they want to wear in the morning and get confused at to what was clean and what was dirty and just automatically assume it's all dirty, so into my hamper in my room it all goes....that was maddening, folks.

In the morning, I have Carter remove all dryer clothes from the dryer and onto the folding table.


I then have my washer programmed (having done so the night before) to start around 7-8 am. As soon as the clothes are done around an hour later, I then have an empty dryer to transfer them to.

I fold all of the ones that Carter removed that morning and place each persons clothing into a hanging bin. *see above photo for the blue hanging bin.

Each person has their own bin and when they see it full (because it doesn't hold much) they are to take those clothes into their room and put them away.

I also keep a rack with both kid and adult hangers for hanging clothes.


And then my Octopus displays any misfit socks until they are no longer a misfit.:)

At the end of each day, when the red bin is inevitably full, the girls will load the clothes into the washer and we will program the washer to begin 12 hrs from that point.

Now some obvious things about this method is that I am not separating. It's just easier, I use cold water anyway and my clothes always come out clean.

Two, the key is not to have a large laundry collection bin but just large enough to hold one and a half at the most.

Three, yes, I'm doing laundry everyday but to have a family of seven, I'm only doing that one full load. That's pretty awesome to me.

And four, it helps if you don't overload your kids with clothes. A couple pairs of pjs, a few nicer outfits and mostly play clothes plus underwear goes a long way. So if you need to downsize your kids wardrobes, do that. You won't regret it.



Happy laundering! Love, Alicia

Large Family Organization Ideas

So I've had this thing with Pinterest since my lovely sissy introduced it to me almost 3 years ago whilst on bed rest with my third baby. I took one peek and wanted to run far far away. I knew, if I got going, I wouldn't be able to stop. So I keep Pinterest at football fields length away from me. But every now and again, I peek, just a little and become overly inspired and depressed all at once. These mamas have made organizing seem fun, beautiful, and cost effective. I think mothers of many are amongst the most creative minds out, because they HAVE to be or they tend to drown in their situation of "so many people, so much stuff" and too, because they are often forced to use what they already have and meticulously maximize the potential of each and every nook and cranny. I know the post yesterday on the little house with the BIG family inspired me. Go here if you haven't already. Trust me, it's worth the look.;) Then, hop on over to some large family organization tips and tricks on Pinterest.

Let us know what organization method you liked best below in the comments! And let's get organizing!!

Love, Alicia