Why Can't We Just Be Honest Here?

When I became a mom 8.5 months ago, I felt at first that I wasn't and shouldn't share when I had bad mom days. Some days, and I still have these days, I wake up and think, Lord I don't want to be a mom today. I can't do it, I don't have the strength. It's funny because I do, always survive and get through that day. Most of the time, the day actually goes really well. But why do we feel like we can't talk about these weird thoughts we have? Why do we feel like we can't be honest with one another? It doesn't make us bad moms, it just makes us human in need of encouragement and support, and most importantly a God that can help us through anything and won't give us more than we can handle.

My hope with this blog is that we can talk about our struggles and not feel judgement but freedom. We need each other to get through the journey of motherhood. Our children need us to be the best moms that we possibly can!