Baby feet

It's my favorite baby body part. They are so kissable, so tiny and delicate, and just so pure and soft. I am a sucker for baby feet. Baby feet make me think of how God wants our hearts to be: soft, pure, and un-calloused. It isn't soon after babies take their first steps that their once impeccable, pristine little feet become a bit worn. Then it isn't too far after that, they begin to smell or get sweaty in their shoes. Before I know it, baby feet have turned into toddler feet and are no longer my favorite.

As we age and experience life, our feet become calloused, they wear, they sometimes fail us and we fall. We constantly need new coverings to protect what is left of our once most kissable feet. We go through countless pairs of shoes, socks, and for some, padded inserts to make standing more comfortable. Our feet experience a lot of life and wear and tear and we often take them for granted.

As we walk through this life, we need to remember that our feet and our hearts are very connected. Where your hearts desires are, there your feet will take you. Are you using your feet to make a difference? Are you creating a path that you would love for your children to follow? Or are you secretly going down paths you would be embarrassed to be found on? Are you thankful for your children's feet? Do you cherish the cuddly moments with your newborn? Are you engaged in your new walkers discovered independence and freedom? Do you challenge your older child to barefoot races in the backyard? Are you serving your family as Jesus did when he washed strangers feet?

Our feet are so precious, they are so overlooked, and always take us where we decide to go. Cherish your child's pure baby feet, and wear a path for them that you would be proud to see them follow. Their feet will get worn, dirty, and tired as they go through life, but because you have trained them in the way they should go, their feet will hopefully tell a beautiful story with a heart as soft and pure as their feet once were.