When God isn't enough

I struggle a lot with feeling like I have a purpose. Satan knows it and he takes joy in reminding me that I struggle with it. He loves to whisper that "I'm not good enough" when I compare myself to other "better/more creative/more organized/more blessed" moms. He takes pride in making sure I feel less than, lonely, and incomplete. He helps me lose my mind with thoughts of "why me? Or when is it my turn? And how much longer do I have to wait for...?". and I listen

And that's when God [suddenly] isn't enough.

I begin to step inward and I begin to believe that what The Deceiver says is true. I know I am wasting my time here but I continue to stay cowered in the corner waiting to be rescued. Satan knows me and he knows what makes me feel especially frustrated and unloved and loves to throw things in my path that get me back into my corner of self-pity.

I struggle. A lot. And yet, I have The Rescuer having already rescued me. I have The Redeemer in my corner having already redeemed me. But still I remain in the corner of "God isn't enough" and I rip and crush His heart over and over again.

"why do you keep pursuing me?"

He's gentle. He's immeasurably patient. He weeps for me because this is not what He wants for me. It's not what He wants for you too.

If you have given your heart and life to Christ, we have to live above the lies, speak Life back to Death, and remind him of his future. It's so easy to stay and feel trapped in your corner of "it's about me" but it's a lie too! It's not about you! It never is, was, or will be. It's about not wasting the precious moments and unpromised minutes and seconds that we have here. It's about pointing all things to Him, not ourselves.

Come with me. Stand up. Walk away from that corner. And let God be enough.