Chaos to Calm

There's a Bible study at my church called Inspire for Moms, and this past Tuesday the speaker spoke about how to get our chaotic days and lives to a calm and peaceful environment. It was so great, I wanted to share my notes with you wonderful moms! Here are my notes: Chaos = Fun Gone Wrong

1. Practice the Presence of Jesus - 2 Timothy 4:2 | Phil 4:8 This was really convicting to me. She was basically saying, how would you be reacting or acting in a situation if Jesus was physically in the room with you. She gave an example of her own family waking up every morning in bad moods. Her and her husband would fight and it just ruined the entire day for the whole family. One small thing she did to try to make this better was to wake up before everyone else in the family and just turn on worship music for everyone to hear. Everyone would wake up and be in better moods. She said, "you can't fight with someone when 'Blessed be the name of the Lord" is blaring through the house". This one small step has really helped set the tone for the entire day for her family! What a simple way to make a difference in everyone's attitudes.

2. Practice Praying - 1 Thes. 5:17 It's really overwhelming when you read "pray without ceasing", but we can do it. Praying is something I struggle with personally. I'm such a control freak, my first reaction when my day starts or if something goes wrong isn't to pray... I go into "how do I fix it, or make my day wonderful" mode. I put a lot of worry on myself because of this. The speaker said she started to make a chart of how to pray throughout the day. Her sons birthday is on May 23rd, so everyday she prays at 5:23 for her son. Her anniversary is on October 4th, so everyday at 10:04 she prays for her marriage. I loved this idea! You can really pray without ceasing throughout the day by using the clock to remind you!

Do you have any ideas or thoughts on how to remember to always pray without ceasing?

3. Practice Putting Your Priorities in Order - Romans 8:28 | James 1:2) She asked everyone in the room who was working in full time ministry.... and then she told us, that no matter where you work, or if you're a stay at home mom, you are in full time ministry if you have kids!

Two quotes the stuck out to me were: "You only get one chance to raise your kids" "You only get 18 christmas', 18 birthdays with your little ones..."

I hope these notes are an encouragement to you like they have been to me. Don't forget when you have moments of chaos or feel completely overwhelmed reach out to someone and ask for help! You're not alone!