Out to Eat Tools

My sister gave some tips and tricks on eating out with kids. I wanted to write about the tools that I bring when we go out to eat with the twins. 1. Place Mat - every restaurants should carry these like Chick-fil-A... but they do sell them at Target. We love these! Gerber also makes a reusable mats too!!

It's so nice when you have babies, and they don't have to pick up their food off of a nasty table.


2. Johnson & Johnson Wipes - I use these to wipe down the high chairs, table, and you can use them on the babies hands and face after the meal.


3. Sippy Cups - Nuby Brand is my favorite for all stages so far!

nuby tall super spout cups

4. Snacks while we're waiting for the food. Cheerios, puffs, or yogurt melts are our favorites to choose from.


What tips and tricks do you have when you go out with your littles?