Racecar Math

Thought I would share with y'all an easy math activity I quickly pulled together this morning [before all the chaos erupted]. For this activity you will need: Construction paper Sharpie Decent road drawing skills while using that sharpie :) Hot wheel car A small stack of addition or subtraction flash cards Counters (for the little guys just starting with addition/subtraction)

I made Hunters road go up to twenty, Carter's only to ten since he hasn't learned adding past ten as the answer.


I have gave each boy appropriate flash cards that would equal amounts available on their roads. Carter got the easier cards and Hunter, slightly harder. Usually the dollar spot at Target sells packs of these as does the dollar store.


I offered Carter some counters to help aid in him solving the problem on each card. Cuisinaire rods work great, we also use centimeter cubes and chocolate chips, marshmallows, cereal, crackers....the sky's the limit when it comes to counters.


When either of them would find the answer, they were to drive their car to that number on their road. It was a fun, non-boring way to review math facts and a great first fun activity to start our school day.

What are some of your favorite math activities to do with your kids?