Why I stopped taking (so many) pictures of my kids.

In the age where everyone thinks they're a photographer, Instagram makes bad pics look beautiful, and each American over the age of 8 seems to have a tiny electronic device permanently affixed to their right hand, we can't help but take pictures. Of everything. And anything.

And if you're anything like the average mom out there, you take pics of your kids. A lot of pics. Daily. Sometimes hourly and for some, every 5-10 minutes.

And, up until very recently, I was one of those moms. And I received so much love from the outside world: "I just love the pics of your kids!" "Your kids are so cute!" "We need more pics of your kids...it's why we check Facebook so much", etc.

That is flattering. And I love my kids and I'm proud of them and their insurmountable amounts of cuteness they tend to radiate. And I love sharing their every random moment and I love all of the memories I've captured.

But I've missed all of those memories.

"How?" You ask.

Because I was too busy behind my camera trying to capture the perfect moment.

I wasn't fully engaged. And afterward, I was more concerned about the impending edits and uploading to various social media outlets to really enjoy the moment I had just captured. I also may have very well missed another potentially sweeter moment during these few moments of picture sharing. And, I've had enough of missing those moments.

I realized something: most children these days have no idea what a photo album is. They won't have tangible memories to carry with them and all of their captured memories, (most children have literally thousands), will forever remain in digital form: a hard drive, an iPhone, uploaded to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook albums, or on a disc or thumb drive.

So I've stopped. Well, not completely, but I've seriously scaled back on feeling compelled to capture every single cute and notable moment. I probably capture a quarter of what I used to. {And I'm not sorry for it.} This mama has fully enjoyed most of the recent moments that before I would have been too busy to really be involved in as I clicked that little white circle on my device.

So put your camera down. Go make sweet memories with your children and don't let capturing the moment keep you from being fully there. I'd rather have the memory in my heart and head than digitally frozen in the "cloud" anyway.

Love, Alicia

Ps. Just to whet your appetite, I leave you with an "unpublished" pic of this cutie pie. Well, cause I couldn't resist.:)