"I'm talking about the man in the mirror..."

Did you sing the title of this post in your head?! I did... it's one of my favorite songs by Michael, but this isn't about Michael, or changing the world... But it is how we see ourselves. When I became a mom, I definitely lost my sense of identity. It came strong and very fast after the birth of the twins. I felt like a robot. A sleepless, zombie, just surviving day after day. I began to forget who I was...

Now, this has gotten better. With a bit more sleep,  getting out and about more, making new mom friends, I was starting to adjust to my new identity. As women, how do we see ourselves? How's our self esteem? Why are we soo hard on ourselves?

This past Tuesday, at my church's mom's group, we had a guest speaker. She is a psychiatrist, and she wanted to remind us how we should be thinking of ourselves. Here are the 4 points she shared of where we find our self worth:

1. We find self worth through how other people see us.

2. We find self worth through how the world see's us.

3. Our experiences define our self worth.

4. We find our self worth through how God sees us.

Out of all 4 ways we can find our self worth, the only one that will never change is the way that God sees us. Psalm 139:14 says,  "I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made..."

You're beautiful, and meant to be the mother of your children. Please don't be hard on yourself. Give yourself grace, because God's mercies are new every morning.

How do you see yourself since becoming a mother? Do you struggle with your confidence?