Organizing Your Groceries

I've recently found the best way to plan out my weekly meals. Here are the steps I take when planning my trip to the store: 1. Check out what coupons I have!

2. I take an inventory of what I already have in the fridge or pantry so I don't buy items I don't need.

3. Then I plan my meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner (I even plan when we'll go out to eat that week ... we try our best to stick to this plan, but it doesn't always happen)

4. Then I start making my list and organize each item by what section that they will be in at the store. So, I do all of my produce together, meat together, dairy, etc. That way I walk through the store, and check things off my list in order.

I usually do all of my shopping at Target, and try my best to use a manufactures coupons and target coupons for one specific item. I also use the new AWESOME Target app, Cart Wheel. It's awesome. I always save $6-7 just with that app. I try to bring my own bags to Target... when you do, they take off $.05 per bag. I usually use 8-10 bags, so there's another $.50 off...Add all of those savings together with an extra 5% off with my Target debit card, and it all adds up to at least a savings of $35-$40 a trip.

Please share your tips for us... any savings is such a blessing and help for us mommas!