My Favorite Apps

1. Mommy Nearest - FREE App! This app is awesome when you are trying to get out of the house, and find something to do with your littles. My favorite part of the app is that it organizes activities by using different categories.


2. Cartwheel Target App - FREE App!

I've already saved over $100 using this app at Target! You just type in items that you are buying and see if there is a deal that Target offers through the app. When you are checking out you just let them scan the bar code, and bam! You save an extra 5 - 50% on the items that you found on the app. It's awesome and definitely worth getting if you ever shop at Target.


3. Checkout 51 - FREE App


This one is all new to me and I just used it for the first time yesterday. Basically, you go to the store, do your shopping and then upload a picture of your receipt to this app. You then see if any of the items that you purchased is featured on their app. If so, you click the coupon for the specific item and money is added to your account. Once you have reached at least $20 in savings, they send you a check for that amount. Crazy right?! It has great reviews, and just for going shopping yesterday I already have $2 in my account. I'll have to update everyone how the process all goes after I get my first check.

4. Bible for Kids - FREE App from YouVersion

YouVersion just designed a digital Bible for kids and it's awesome! It's interactive and really great to do together as a family.



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