"That's how I feel when you don't listen..."


Daily, hourly, almost minute by minute, sometimes, we moms feel like we're communicating with a brick wall. And sometimes even before you make a request of your child, you hesitate and may consider, "I wonder how many times I'll have to say it before he/she does it". Then there are the times when your child has completely selective hearing. They may have heard a word or three that you said, but as far as swallowing all of the information? Nah.

These times are frustrating, exhausting, and at times, chaotic.

You sometimes question if you're a good enough parent...or if your child will ever be a good, respectful listener. You wonder if your 5 year old will ever just jump up happily and without question, do as you request. It really is a constant battle, a constant chore to retrain, remind, and redirect your child to stay on course. To complete the task at hand and do so with their best effort.

And then sometimes, during these frustrating child-training times, if I'm up for listening, I'll hear God whisper to me "that's how I feel when you aren't listening".

Ahem. Yes. God, you're right. There have been countless times, sometimes hourly and also, minute by minute that you deal with my half-hearted listening, my stubbornness, my tantrums, and my complete lack of paying attention.

I sometimes delay a blessing you have for me, sometimes missing out altogether, I'm sure. And, most of the time, I'm sure I "out do" my children in the area of obedience to you. I can spend entire days without giving you so much as a thought and yet be drowning in my own self-pity wondering if anyone out there even cares.

Some days I'm sure I "out-perform" my kids when there's something hard you have me go through and I may do so kicking and screaming, forgetting that you're in control.

Yes, my kids exhaust me when they remain stubborn, disobedient, and disrespectful. God never tires, but I know He is displeased with me when I act like the children I tend to be frustrated by. The next time your kids don't listen to your request, be merciful and graceful and remember how many times you've done the same with your Heavenly Father. It really humbles you. It really is a reminder that we are all wicked, selfish, and stubborn. From young to old.

And yet, He still loves us.