House Cleaning.

Overworked Do you ever feel like this lady?! I mean, when you have kids there's always SOMETHING that needs to be cleaned. There's no break ... ever. There's always something to do just looming on my to-do list.... I'm such a checklist person, that being a mom has really overwhelmed me in this area, because I just can't seem to get everything checked off of my list! Ever!

A few weeks ago, we were giving our littles a bath, and waiting for friends to arrive for dinner. Well, they arrived, and my friend had to pee desperately. Well we were still giving the babies a bath, so she asked to use Will and I's bathroom. I kindly said, "uh, no... it really needs to be cleaned. I'll be mortified if you use it." She said, "I really could care less, cause I'm in so much pain. I have to go!"

It's my worst nightmare. You know you do it too... you clean the entire house all the time, except for that one room that no one ever sees. Right?! Please tell me you do that too. :)

Anyways, I always put off cleaning my bathroom until the last minute. It's soo much work, and after constantly cleaning all day, I honestly forget about it and usually pick going to bed over cleaning my bathroom.

Well, after my worst nightmare happened, and someone (other than myself) saw my disgusting bathroom,  (is there anything worse than a dirty bathroom?! it's awful...) I've decided to follow a weekly cleaning schedule. There are tons of schedules you can find on pinterest. Just search for 'cleaning schedules'.

Here's the one I think I'm going to go with:

If you go to the right of her page, she has lots of free charts you can download.

I haven 't started this yet, so I'll have to do a follow up post! Do you have a cleaning routine for your house??? Share them with us!