Number Five.


The day this picture of our sweet and clearly okay (gender unknown) baby number five was taken, was the same day we put our house up for sale.

I went into this ultrasound unlike the others I had with my other four babies. Since I knew gender wasn't on my agenda, a healthy baby took precedence over the typical feelings of excitement I usually have during the mid-pregnancy biophysical profile. Never before had I been so anxious to make sure this baby number five would be okay. Nearly 60 seconds after appearing on screen, this baby gave us this pose and held it for a good minute.

It was the cutest and funniest unexpected moment. From there, I learned that baby five was completely healthy in everyway and had five fingers on each hand, and five toes. I left there excited to meet this number five in five more months.

Little did we know that in just five more days, our attempt at selling our house would come to an end. We already had an offer and a contract. Just five days is all it took. And we were reeling from an anxious excitement. And now, five days later, we must find a house to replace it.

I'm not sure exactly what God is doing or has planned. Knowing a new little one is coming and knowing you will be "evicted" from the only home your family has ever known in a few short weeks with no current replacement, that's a bit scary.

But It's in the midst of the unknown, the secret places, that Gods presence is most felt. I know that in my womb is a life I know so little of, even less than I knew about my others. This life is cared for and known and has a name, although I have not named this life yet. I also know that God is already in the moment and in the next place we call home.

I can't imagine walking thru unknown paths without something greater than I to hold onto. I can't imagine my life without my Savior, the One I gave my life to almost twenty-five years ago this September.

I'm thankful for a handful of children I can count on one hand. I'm thankful for their health and happiness regardless of where we live. I'm thankful for the measly five days our house was on the market. And I'm thankful, although a bit scared, of the next few months.

But my hand is swallowed up in His own. My other hand is held by a man I've proudly called mine for fif teen years.

All things are possible with God. Now here's to hopefully finding a house in the next five hours today.

Love, Alicia

Ps. The word faith has fiveletters. In case you were wondering.:)