"You might be a mother..."

...if doing dishes is akin to beating your head against the wall because for every two dishes you put in, your toddler pulls one out. ...if for every cough, sneeze, or belly laugh calls for a trip to both your underwear drawer and the bathroom.


...if it's a toss up between the ring of fire during labor, or your boob getting chomped on by a toothless newborn. (Dang, do they have some jaws) don't even mention getting bit by a freshly teethed six month old...there would be no "toss up" in this case.

...if you've ever had to be in sixteen places at once.

...if some mornings you tear up as you watch your husband drive away for work. (I gotta be here all day, again?)

...if you've ever gone to bed and accidentally laid down on a hot wheels car or a small pile of Legos.

...if you hide in the bathroom for a five minute retreat.


...if while on a kidless break, all you think about/talk about are your kids.

...if "what am I going to make for dinner??!" haunts you like a ghost most days.

...if you get up to pee in the middle of the night....usually more than once.

...if you've "rocked" as many miles as you've driven.

...if you're idea of a vacation includes sleeping for days, indulging in complete silence, and finishing that book you've been reading for years now.

...if you can't go into a store with intentions to buy yourself some much needed clothes, and walk out with nothing for yourself and 3 more outfits you found on clearance for your mini-me.

...if hearing the words "I love you, mommy" make up for every recent rotten motherhood moment you've experienced, and gives you a burst of energy that no Starbucks drink could offer.


...if you've never felt so tired, so blessed, so happy, so exhausted and spent, and so complete all at once because you are doing the most important work.

You are a mother. You are blessed.

What can you add to this list? Share below!

Love, Alicia

Ps. I forgot one!!! "...if you wake up in a puddle of your own dairy."