[high] expectations

"Expectations ruin relationships"


I had missed last weeks' episode of 19 Kids and Counting due to our Dish Network debacle (which I shall refrain from expounding on) and so I watched online last night. I was reminded of the above quote during the episode when Michelle was asked about expectations in her daughters courtship relationship. Needless to say, she responded with that quote above. Such truth.

Today....well, it was dicey, at best. Most of you know that we're kinda in home limbo right now as we wait to close on two homes...both of which are empty...one of which, we still reside. I expected to hear some news as to when our new life could begin....I expected my girls to take a nap today after 4 days of not doing so....I expected my husband to be home earlier since my day wasn't going as expected.

I was disappointed all around. And I realized, tonight, when it was finally quiet and calm, that I shouldn't expect much of anything. Ever. Because according to His Word, if I have food and clothing, I am doing well. I may not have a decorated home and a completely stocked kitchen right now, but I have shelter and that's more than the basic food and clothing the Bible speaks of. I should no more expect God to speed up this house closing process in order to ease my discomfort anymore than I should expect to awake from my slumber tomorrow morning.

I think most of us live with an unreasonable amount of expectation. Expecting God to heal, God to deliver, God to give, add to, increase, and come through for us. To make every situation about yourself and to deny God the glory that He rightly deserves with our every breath, it's simply wrong. It's simply a disgusting way to live.

I am humbly reminded that no matter what suffering or temporary trials that come my way, I should reflect His love, His grace, and His mercy that much more. To trap any bitterness and bury with it any expectation, so that I can be a testimony that points all glory to Him. Because His glory can be found in any situation...it's up to us to share it {or to, instead, serve Him up a huge plate of expectation.} I choose the former.

I am but nothing without Him. All praise, honor, and glory to God...no matter what. No matter what.

Love, Alicia