Product Review - Gerber Organic Baby/Toddler Food Line

Gerber organic coupon  

This is going to be the easiest product review you have ever read. Here's my review on Gerber's organic food line for toddlers and baby: It's all awesome!

My twins are 18 months now, but I still buy the food pouches for them. I use them when we're in the car, or when we're out and about and I just need something quick for them to snack on, (or to keep them quiet) They're super easy to throw into the diaper bag and just head out the door. Not only that, but my kids love them!

And the absolutely best part is that I'm giving my kids an organic fruit and veggie for their snack! You look at the back of the pouch to see the ingredients: organic blueberries, organic spinach.... that's it! No additives, just great organic food.

Their other products are great too! Yogurt bites are always wanted at every meal for dessert, their puffies are great, 'lil crunchies are also a hit in our house. We just recently found these crackers that are way yummy too:


Something else I stock up on, for when we have an unexpected crazy day and I don't have time to prepare dinner, are their toddler meals: Pasta Pick Ups and Lil Entres.

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Best part, the babies get a protein, grain, and veggie in these meals... and they love them.

Another great thing about Gerber, is that they have awesome coupons that are offered for these products. I never pay full price for these products. They're on sale at Target quite a bit, then I find coupons online, as well as Target coupons.

Target has one on their site right now that you can print. Also, when you check out and you are handed a gerber coupon from the cash register. Make sure to go to the customer service desk to add the coupon you just received to your purchase. You'll be given cash back for redeeming your coupon that you just received.

Hope your little ones enjoy these awesome meals and snacks.

P.S. I was not paid by Gerber, nor do I get anything from them for this awesome review! I really do just love their products.