Sweet Little Baby Walker

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This was my view when I was walking to get into bed the other night. I just stood there and stared at this tiny, little, precious, annoying baby walker. Liam and Lily are running around like crazy now, and don't need the assistance of these little guys to keep their balance while learning to walk anymore. But they still love pushing them around the house as they run and fill the house with sweet laughs as they chase each other around.

This night though, Lily left hers next to my bed, and I just got soo sad. I'm really OCD about clutter, and having everything in it's place. Clutter stresses me out. So usually when toys are in my bedroom, I get immediately frustrated, but tonight was different. Tonight that little baby walker was just staring back at me and it hit me that pretty soon my twins won't want to play with baby things anymore. They'll be bigger kids, and they'll continue to grow until they're gone.

I got in bed and just cried and cried. I cried for the first time about our kids growing up. People always tell me "the days are long, but the years are short" ... and boy are they right! It's so hard as a mom of young kids to just relish in the moment because there's always something to do. Always someone to discipline, hug, feed, clean ...etc.etc.etc.

Pretty soon, my kids will be able to do all of these little tasks that I do constantly day after day all by themselves.

I'm writing this not to make anyone feel sad, but I want to encourage you and myself to really think about our minute by minute day with our kids. My babies aren't really babies anymore ... and then soon after that they won't be toddlers anymore. It's a little overwhelming how fleeting our time really is with these sweet littles ones. We only get 18 Christmases and birthdays! That's really not a lot.

So this tiny little walker reminded me that I need to pray more for my kids, love them more intentionally, and just not really care that there are messes everywhere... cause pretty soon I won't have any more messes to clean up.

Thank you Jesus for these sweet little people that are making me a better person every day.