What Natural Childbirth Reminded Me About Sin

Genesis 3:16To the woman He said, "I will greatly multiply Your pain in childbirth, In pain you will bring forth children;...."

Many of you know I just gave birth to our third daughter, our fifth child, just twelve days ago. It was my first completely natural birth. It was an experience I have longed for since after my first birth almost eight years ago.

Some question why I wanted to birth outside of a hospital without the aide of modern medicine. I mean, it is 2014 afterall. The whole epidural, schedule your baby's birthday thing is the norm these days. Why experience birth in such an "outdated", primitive way?

As painful and completely soul-wrenching the experience was, I would most certainly do it again this way; the way that God didn't originally intend...the way sin molded childbirth into something all women have feared at one point or another.

The memory that the pain and agony branded on my brain reminds me of my sin. It reminds me of my dire need for a Savior. TheSavior. It reminded me of the various and numerous trials in this life. It reminded me how we are all on this life journey, and our reward is to come as long as we belong to God.


Through the pain and agony, the reward is imminent.

Push through it. Focus. Breathe. Pray.

Humanity was birthed into perfection, but we stained paradise with death. In spite of the culture of death we created, life could come from it. (But not without a price.) As my daughter emerged from my womb, I have never felt such agony, such euphoria. Such a grab bag of emotions peaked within me.

IMG_2901.JPG Finally. My face that describes the above paragraph. Not a picture I love of myself, but it shows the raw, real emotion of the moment better than I could explain it.

For the first time, I saw God's love for me from the pain. He suffered more than any other human ever has, to buy my redemption back from Death. I may never know what He felt that day, but I better understand now the beauty that comes after the pain. The life that is given, after death has passed, is worth it all.

Birthed by His love, Alicia