That Thankful Wednesday in September

IMG_3329.JPG That box. That giant box of brownie mix is what I'm thankful for today. No, they aren't scratch-made brownies, but why should I attempt to make my own, when Ghirardelli does an amazing job already?! If you didn't already know, I love brownies. love.them. {so daggone much} And today, I really thought about how cool it is to have this giant box of brownie mix. To be able to afford it, and have the oil, water, and egg it needs to bake it in an oven that I always take for granted. [ps. I kinda hate the oven this house came with...but I shouldn't be hatin' on it...what a blessing it is!]

As I mixed the brownie batter, I looked around for three minutes and found some other things I really am being intentionally thankful for today:


that tub of girl clothes I literally walk by this tub everyday multiple times. My girls think it's a mountain to climb or a bench to sit on whilst eating a ziplock baggie of Cheerios. I see it as an eyesore, a chore that I need to "obviously" tackle (refolding all of those little clothes), and a reminder that I still need to put it away after Mike got it down for Emma after she was born.

But it's a real reminder at how much my children have. So many clothes. So many choices. All given to us. We never paid a penny for any of them. For that, I'm humbled and grateful.


This Amazon guy that fixed my '19 kids' season pass debacle. Thanks, amazon guy.


The way I always hear the boys giggling and spraying each other with water during "quiet time" everyday. I may not like them wasting water all the time, but really, who cares?! They're being children...most of all, they're outside and being silly little boys when most of their peers are still sitting at a desk. They finished school in 2 1/2 hours today. They deserve to douse each other in water and swing on their tire swing.


a reminder. a reminder that I don't have joy and I should. I usually allow my tiredness or my situations dictate my attitude. Thanks, Joy-ful wall art for reminding me that I plain suck at being joyful.


I'm thankful for the baby that doesn't want to leave my chest today. I'm thankful for her 3 and on grunting/attempts at pooping last night that kept me up. She finally exploded at 10:30am. It was epic, as was her smile afterwards.



This shower. It helps me so much. I'm thankful for boys that can use it and clean water that showers away all of their outdoor adventures.


Emma's thigh. Yes, I'm thankful because it's chubby and healthy and a true symbol that she is gaining weight all because I am able to provide all the nourishment she needs.


I'm thankful God invented sisters. I'm so happy my girls have multiple sisters. I'm super thankful for my one sister who means the world to me.

Regardless of how spent I feel, how much I wish, or how immersed in motherhood I am...there really are reminders all around me of how grateful I should be.

Grateful. Not thankful, grateful.

Love, Alicia