Drowning in Motherhood.


Thank goodness His mercies are new every morning. Today, was the first day I've "felt it". Tired. Overwhelmed. Overdone. Overspent.

Not doing any one thing super well, I felt on edge and anxious.

In my weakness, Satan reminded me to be fearful, anxious, and annoyed.

I pretty much felt like I had gone scuba diving without any gear. Completely drowning.

God seemed to have disappeared while I was feeling my lungs fill with water. But, actually, it was when I broke down after putting the girls to bed, that He gently reminded me why this motherhood journey He's given me is completely worth it.

He reminded me through each child's personality just how much unique beauty they bring to my life.

Hunter reminds me to see life as an Rubik's Cube. He's intrigued by everything. Everything sparks a question which snowballs to twenty more questions. I love his heart for little ones, his zest for understanding, and his attention to details. He never misses a beat.

Carter reminds me to savor every moment. Every waking moment is a chance to discover, move, be active, and be heard. He's so full of energy and all about a good time, almost to a fault. I'm thankful for his spark that becomes a blazing forest fire everyday.

Avery reminds me to see the beauty in everything. Everything to her is beautiful, pretty, and cute. She reminds me to stop and notice "flowers" (weeds) in the yard, to stop and pray when I'm in a hurry, and to sit and read when chaos is all around. She's also got a way with others that just makes them feel super special. She loves noticing others and sharing Jesus love with them.

Olivia reminds me that life is short and there isn't time to sit and just be. She's always moving, always discovering, always moving to whatever is next. She reminds me that assertiveness is a good thing and that dancing without music is a healthy practice. On the opposite spectrum, she's also the cuddliest, most animal loving lady I've ever known.

Emma reminds me that joy is only found in God. Emma is truly heaven-sent and has been spreading joy through her social smiles since day five. I often tell her that I had I known she would've been so smiley, I would've named her Joy. When I'm feeling overwhelmed, her smile melts those feelings away. When I'm one-eyed-opened at 3am changing her diaper, her giant grin just drives me crazy in every good way.

I can't express how thankful I am for these reminders. They truly humble me and, at the same time, they just radiate God's goodness. Even and especially in the midst of the chaos they create, my children remind me of where I am lacking in my own existence.

Tomorrow is new.

What positives about your children can you glean from?! Share!