"Happy Mom Moment":How To Live Motherhood, Without Competition

I have this friend. She's more like a sister than a friend, actually. And she said something very profound, but yet very simplistic a couple of weeks ago while our, combined, nine children swarmed around us.

(Anyone else still manage to have meaningful and deep conversations with their friends while the chaos abounds? It's almost a learned skill, and one that a lot of us have learned to master. Quickly, I might add.)

I've spoken about motherhood before, and how, in today's world, it is so competitive and combative. We jump at the chance to correct, collaborate, and critique any mother who would do anything even slightly differently than we would.  

Which brings me to what my dear friend said...and I absolutely LOVE IT!  

She said that we should allow other moms to have their "happy mom moment's".  

What's a "happy mom moment"? It could be absolutely anything that you are simply proud of accomplishing.  

Sometimes, it's all we can do to just simply get the children dressed and out the door on time. We wake up late, frazzled, and not in the mood to just "GO!". But we make it to the activity; we may not have packed the healthiest of lunches for the park day or field trip, but we have to look beyond that. Your "happy mom moment" may be just that you made it and you didn't forget to bring the lunch. The moms that are silently judging you for not packing hummus and yogurt probably aren't your true friends anyway. 

So, if you know your fellow mom friend is tired and had a rough start to her morning, let her have her "happy mom moment" instead of suggesting all of the things you would've done to better prepare for the day's outing.  

Unsolicited "mom advice" usually isn't taken well anyway. Just simply listen and encourage her.  

If another mother sings praises about finally getting to the store with all of her little ones after months of avoiding it, enjoy that "happy mom moment" with her!  

Today, my "happy mom moment" is getting all of the hang up clothes hung, and reading some chapters of "Little House on the Prairie" to the children before lunch.

What's your "happy mom moment" today?! Share with us in the comments!