(Your name here)

I told my best friend yesterday, I said "There is definitely, absolutely, indescribable beauty found in the valley. There is no discrediting that fact." 



Truly. There is. When we see a valley in real life, it's usually a place of gasping beauty.  


Rolling hills. Mountains placed carefully side by side. Sometimes, even a river runs thru those valleys. 


Beautiful, life giving rivers teeming with activity. Rivers in the valleys are never stagnant, putrid, and murky. 


They flow. And they flow peacefully, always moving, always trickling; calming our souls.  



And then, just now, in fact, an old friend/coworker of mine shared a snippet of an old journal entry with me. It said: "(Insert your name here), believe that I love you. That is your only job today."-God. 


"...believe that I love you."  


Do we really, truly believe that God loves us in the valley times?! 


Do we forget that He's even there with us?  



He doesn't stay on the mountain top waiting for us to come back and meet Him where the view is spectacular and the air is crisp.  


He actually travels down to every valley with us. He holds our hand when our legs move faster than the rest of our bodies and we trip over an obtrusive hunk of rock.  


He walks the width of that valley with us and is patient and kind as we gather up the courage and strength to ascend again.  



No pressure. Take your time.  


Your job today, friend...your #1 job and maybe your ONLY job (if you're in the valley like I am, it may be the ONLY job you can handle right now) is to believe, BELIEVE that He loves you.  



Thats it. 


I'm going to rest on that today.  There is goodness in the valley, and that goodness is this: His love never faileth. Never will fail. Ever.