The Secret

A decade ago, a trendy phenomenon swept thru our world. I remember, back then, with motherhood quickly approaching, I enjoyed watching Oprah most days after I got off work. 


One episode in particular always stuck with me because of how bizarre and ridiculous what she was promoting sounded.  


If you've never heard of the book/movie The Secret, it's a documentary style film that explains the Law of Attraction.  


The Law of Attraction explanation can be found here. (Trust me, it's better than me going on and on trying to explain it). 


There were several things I agreed with. And even more, I didn't. It's New Age approach to how the universe somehow possesses sentience and can therefore be our personal genie of sorts, is not even borderline ridiculous, it's just completely ridiculous.  


I sat down and took six pages of notes. Any excuse to put pen to paper for me. :) And I wrote down everything decent (and not-so-decent) that exploded in my ears as I listened very intently.  


And I was kindly reminded during the 90 minute duration, how vast a role our thought lives play in our day to day, moment to moment living.  


I was reminded that while I disagreed with the whole visualizing=materializing mentality, there is some very real truth to the fact that if one mentally focuses on the end goal regularly, they may very well end up there by self-motivation. 


But, it also reminded me how very beautifully deceitful Satan is. It's subtle. It's attractive. And if he can just get us to tweak our thinking just enough where we live for ourselves, we seek our own happiness, we keep our eyes off God and dependent on ourselves, then he surely has us where he wants us.  


Christ said in the Gospel of Matthew "whoever wants to save their life, will lose it...". Which means the opposite is also true. Living with an eternal perspective, not an earthly one, living for others and not for self, that's when we find life abundant.  


What the creators of this documentary don't understand, is that while they are correct that life is supposed to be lived "abundantly", that the abundance doesn't come from any "source" or "vision". It comes from intimately knowing the Creator Himself. The only source of true joy, the Life Giver, the Life Sustainer. 


Jesus, while on earth, said, "I have come that they may have LIFE and have it ABUNDANTLY."  John 10:10


When the credits were rolling and I sat still on my bed for a few moments, a small stack of books that appeared intertwined and married to one another, as pages from one locked with pages from another, shone in my periphery. I looked directly at them and the back of one of my Bible copies was partially covered inside of another book I've been reading. It was upside down, but I didn't hesitate to read the orange box filled with words I had never noticed before today.






My lips gave way to a smile that could easily compete with my most happiest ones.  


"...a full life begins with Jesus."  


No coincidence here. And I sat and I immediately worshipped my God. I repented for the fear that I've allowed to hold my gaze for so long. For the chains I slipped my wrists and ankles through and forgot how Satan isn't allowed to lock them shut. Having previously accepted Christ's love almost 27 years ago, I could've easily slipped free anytime I wanted, but I rejected Christ's command "to take every thought into captivity." 


 Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ; 2 Corinthians 10:5 


There was a lot of good found in the documentary. I wrote down ten definite things that I can personally put to good use in my own struggle with my thoughtlife. But, there is no doubt in my mind that the people who produced this, missed the mark entirely.  


And what a shame it is. A very solemn shame. Because God will never be mocked. It is because of God that we "live, and move, and have our being".  (Acts 17:28)


What a privilege to serve Him with my life. To not be bound by any scheme or thing that's meant to kill and destroy. To know and understand that the power within me is not my own, but His grace within me. The power that He put inside me is the same power that made all of this. And I'm just a gracious receiver of that. Anybody that accepts His love is empowered by the very One who never ceases to be. Constant. Sure. Unmatched. Alpha and Omega.  


All glory to God, whose "secret" to abundant life is not hidden from anyone, but in plain view for all to grasp. 


Thankful for that reminder. 


Love, Alicia