The Beauty in Waiting.

In every season of life we wait. Waiting is one of the most frustrating aspects of life.

I think impatience runs in my blood. I clearly can remember seasons of my life where I wished for the next big thing. There was something I was always more excited about in the next season. I never really sat in my season of life and saw the goodness of what the Lord was doing in that moment. 

When I was in college I just remember thinking, "If I could just finish this degree I could finally do what I want in life, I would truly be happy." " If I could just find a husband, I wouldn't have to worry if I would be alone forever"....

A view from Liberty University Medical Center.

A view from Liberty University Medical Center.

After college my thoughts were...." If I only knew where the Lord wants me to serve Him; where am I supposed to go in life?" " Will I ever get married? I went to the largest Christian University in the world and couldn't find anyone"

Engaged December 2014

Engaged December 2014

After I met my husband I thought "I can't wait to marry this man, when will he ask me to marry him?" ( My impatience really shows in this one. Aric and I dated for 2 months before he proposed) 

Married June 13, 2015

Married June 13, 2015

I could go on and on....but in each of these seasons I was restless. I often failed to realize that God ordained each of these seasons in my life, He made me stronger, He made me more patient, more reliant upon Him.  He said in each one "not yet, just wait I have a plan." 

It's in these seasons like these where the Lord cultivated and ripened my faith. He has a reason and purpose for the seasons. During these times it is when we can truly see that Jesus is all we need. Christ is consistent through every season, He never changes, nor do His attributes. 

During each season we each face in life we can learn to provide comfort and encouragement to one another. The season you just went through, your best friend, co-worker or neighbor could be going through that same thing right now. In the joy and hardship we can love one another! 

Waiting isn't easy. It can sometimes even be painful. I encourage you to remember this: 

As we wait, He (Christ) is caring for our lives with detailed, loving precision. He's leveling ridges and softening hard ground. What sometimes feels to us like senseless waiting is actually a sovereign, loving God who's arranged every detail and is readying us for the season that will come next.

You could be in a season of joy, one of sorrow, one of waiting on the Lord's guidance, a season of unknown. In whatever season you are in remember not to miss out on what the Lord is doing right now. It may be hard to be content where He has you right now, but never forget He is working in you in this season. He is a God that never leaves us, He is a God that provides peace, a merciful God that will give you strength when you feel like you don't have an ounce left.  He takes that stress, that fear and reminds us that He has it all under control. He is a good, good Father that takes us through those hard times so that we can realize and rely on Him for the comfort and strength.  Find comfort and satisfaction in Jesus, He loves you.


-Sincerely, Sarah


A little side note....Im 39 weeks +5 days pregnant! Waiting has been a word Ive had to use in my vocabulary quite often!