What to do when waiting for your pediatrician!

Who likes waiting an hour or so for their child’s pediatrician?! Liam doesn’t:


I must admit that it’s really difficult to keep a little one sitting still or entertained at a place where there’s nothing to do. But, I remind myself that the pediatrician will stay with me and answer all of my questions for as long as I need her to. So, I don’t get too upset about having to wait.

I’ve come up with a few go-to’s while waiting at the doctors!

1. Bring Snacks!


2. Books & Small Toys


3. Bring a few crayons for them to color all over that paper cover on the table they sit on!


4. When all else fails…. I guess the iPhone of videos and music will help pass the time too!

What do you do while you wait with your kids for their pediatrician?! Tell us by commenting below.