SPECIAL GUEST - Tips from Our Mom

So as the Mother of the Mothers I thought I would try my hand at my first blog post.My name is Marcia, and Alicia, Amber, and Sarah are my wonderful daughters.I am so blessed to be able to call them that.They are a blessing to me everyday and to so many others, by the way they are raising my eight grandchildren, loving their husbands and our Jesus.

I just wanted to share how I have embraced the last 35 years of marriage and now 33 years of Motherhood in giving you some quick tips I have used for getting through those days of getting the job done as Mom.

First of all what I have learned from being married to a perfectionist and a clean freak is ways to make that happen when I’m not that way. (honestly)

Drawers and closets are my friend, just don’t open mine.


Hide what you can to give the appearance of a straight house. (this blog is about honesty, right?)


Always have a stock of paper towel,(I’m a paper towel addict) toilet paper, and tissues!! Especially for those running noises, and buy the good stuff so no sore noses! (I know one daughter who is cringing right now, but we’re being honest, right?)


Cleaning the bathroom is a breeze, all you need is toilet bowl cleaner and brush, Windex, good ole Comet to get those hard water stains off the shower door, a squeegee,  and of course paper towel! Spray the mirror and vanity first with Windex, use paper towel to wipe it down, (Windex makes those counters shine, and the ammonia takes care of the sanitizing) brush that toilet and make sure you get under that seat (those boys) then use that same wad of paper towel to wipe it all off and shine….don’t forget to wipe around the floor (those boys) then throw that towel away!!  Once you get that soap and water scum off your shower the first time with the Comet, use that squeegee after every shower, this will make the next cleanup a breeze.  I know this isn’t feasible with the children and bath so here is a tip for that.  Take that towel you just dired your children off with and wipe down the tub and the rest of the floor in the bathroom. (minus the toilet area) then throw that towel in the hamper.  Which brings me to laundry.


Always have a hamper in the bathroom, use this hamper for towels, socks, underwear and any other whites. Get the kiddos(and you and husband) each their own laundry baskets, this is where you put the other dirty clothes. If possible, have one basket for delicates and another for jeans, etc. This has saved me so much time with laundry, everything is already sorted, and if you don’t let the basket get too full, you have a load you just dump in, and then you already have the basket to place them in after they come out of the dryer. Also, if possible, have somewhere to hang up clothes that wrinkle right when they come out of the dryer so you don’t have to iron them. I hate to iron!! I refuse!! That's what that wrinkle cycle is for on your dryer...speaking of cycles. That brings me to billing cycles. (I bet you thought I was going to say something else, but that’s for another blog)

If you are the bill payer in the family, I have found it to be less overwhelming if you divide your month in half. Write down all the bills that are due before the 15th, then the next half that are due the 30th. Also, don’t forget to include in your grocery budget your going out to eat expense. After all you are purchasing food! When you go out,always try to use cash that comes out of the grocery budget. (those debit cards get us in so much trouble because of convenience) Make your husband his lunch everyday with the same thing. This makes grocery shopping so easy and such a money saver. By getting the same items every week, he may even start making his own lunch!! And you will love the money you are saving. Don’t forget to slip a note in on a paper towel and of course this works for the kiddos school lunches also!! Meal preparation should only take 30 minutes or less to prepare, unless it is a special occasion or you have extra time that day. Remember frozen foods are your friend and save money by not throwing away what’s gone bad in that refrigerator drawer!! ( I know a son and daughter-in-law who are cringing right now) Which brings me to my final tip.

Always be honest and straight forward to your children about everything, even when it hurts. This shows you truly love them. Oh, I know it's hard sometimes to be a mother, but turn those groans, moans, and sighs into smiles and laughter because someday, like they say, you will miss them, as I do.