A Beatrix Potter Nursery

When the time came for us to plan and organize a nursery for our little girl I knew I wanted something classic and full of clean colors, also something I could use for our next little one, whether it be a girl or boy. I played around with many different ideas but my mind kept coming back to one of my favorite children's authors, Beatrix Potter. 

It took me forever to find a comforter for Ellie's nursery. There were so many expensive blankets and I just couldn't justify spending over $100 for a blanket. Thankfully we found this one at Barnes and Noble. Quite unexpected but it was exactly what I wanted. (p.s. the blankets and stuffed animals in the crib are just for the picture.) Ellie's crib was a baby shower gift. It was purchased from Target.

One of the last things we purchased for Eleanor's room was this dresser/changing table. I wanted something that could be used as a changing table and dresser since we don't have lots of space in her room. It is also a piece of furniture that can be used later on when we no longer need a changing table. The dresser/changing table is from IKEA. ( I couldn't find this exact model online. However, this is a link to IKEA's current changing table/dresser products.)

We were able to find the small Peter Rabbit Collection books at a local children's consignment store and the Peter Rabbit prints were a gift from family. You can find similar prints of Peter Rabbit or other Beatrix Potter characters on Etsy. The shelf was from Ellie's grammy and the hats were also gifts from family members and friends.  The Jemima Puddle duck was from amazon.

I loved these bookends I got as a present from my cousin. These too were from Barnes and Noble

Eleanor's room was a bit cramped so thankfully we were able to have a little nook in our house for these extra items and awesome shelf we got as a gift.

This is just a little glance into how to make a simple, yet classic nursery for you little one. Today on Instagram I will give a new tour of Ellie's room. We added some new things and figure out new ways to work with the space we have, so if you don't already follow us on Instagram hop on over and find us and follow along! (@honestlymotherhood)

Have a great week everyone!

-Sincerely, Sarah.