How To Take Semi-Professional Looking Pictures with Your iPhone

With the seasons changing I usually do a photo shoot with my kids on our front porch. We have a blank, white, brick wall that I use as a backdrop and snap away using my iPhone.  

1. Find a neutral backdrop. Brick wall, fence, light colored wall.  

2. Use props you already have on hand. We just did a spring photo shoot this past Monday, and I used the plants I had just planted in the pots on the front porch as some props for out pictures. for Christmas, you could use Christmas lights, wreaths, etc.

3. Dress your kiddos in an appropriate (maybe even matching) outfits for the season or holiday you're wanting pics for.  

4. Lighting - make sure there's enough light where you are. Not direct sunlight but a good amount. You don't want squinty kid eyes in your picks from the sun shining directly on them.  

5. If you have the iPhone7 plus, use the portrait option! It's incredible. The pictures below were all taken with that particular feature! 

6. Be patient. It might take awhile because you're taking pictures of small children. You might only get one or two great pics out of the hundred you snap, but that's okay! Upload that pic to the Walgreens app and get it printed! :) 

Enjoy pictures from our photo shoot, and go have your only little photo shoot. 



Happy Spring! ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Here's an example of the portrait feature if you click to focus on one object/person it blurs everything else around it: