Our Favorite (All Natural/Deet Free) Bug Repellent.


The dangers of traditional bug repellent sprays and lotions, are now, widely known. 


Mothers everywhere have to read labels on countless bottles and lotions, searching for the dreaded Deet ingredient. 


You may have even spent more money than you intended on high dollar bug repellent solutions for your child's sensitive skin.  


I've been there.  


We used to live in a very high traffic suburban neighborhood. Very few trees. Very few opportunities for bugs as most everyone had their yards sprayed yearly with chemicals. 

The worst the summertime used to offer us was the occasional swarm of mosquitos that loved to nest on top of the kids sandbox lid after it rained.


Moving out to the deep woods was a game changer.  


Nature here is untouched and the amount of creepy crawlies and critters we encounter are vast. In fact, sometimes I feel like I live at the nature center.  


And the ticks. 


Oh, the ticks!! 


It's awful. Anyone else feel me?!  


Soon on after we moved, I had had it.  


Kids would come inside, covered in little red bumps everywhere. I'd pull a tick off one of them every other day. And the spiders and ants and earwigs and spider crickets and on and on and on never left us alone.


My husband would spray them down with Deep Woods Spray, but that stuff was FILLED to the brim with harmful pesticides and chemicals. And it was NOT Deet free by any stretch.  


At this point in my life, I was changing our tune about using products with chemicals. I really had a strong desire to search for more natural solutions. 


I discovered this amazing natural solution two years ago after exhausting all other options.  


This bottle was just $9 and had 250 applications. 


For a family our size, I was excited to see something that could be stretched so far. 


Introducing, Terrashield. 



TerraShield is my family’s favorite blend for the summer.

We spend a lot of time outside (A LOT) and this is the magic that wards off any insects that want to join our summer festivities.

This oil is safe for everyone in your family and can even help your garden flourish by giving it a protective barrier.

Terrashield comes in two different options: the Oil Blend bottle (250 drops/15mL) and the ready made spray (30 mL).  

Terrashield comes in two different options: the Oil Blend bottle (250 drops/15mL) and the ready made spray (30 mL).  

TerraShield has recently been updated to include Tamanu oil which not only provided extra benefits for your use but is positively impacting families in Madagascar through dōTERRA’s Cō-Impact Sourcing.

This blend can be diffused or applied topically using the TerraShield Spray to provide a defense against the annoyances of outdoor activities.

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend, $14 Retail, $10.50 Wholesale 

Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Blend, $14 Retail, $10.50 Wholesale 

I suggest making it stretch even further by taking a glass spray bottle and putting several drops in and filling the rest with distilled water.  


Learn more about this blend by clicking here or click here to read more about the spray.


How have you used it to keep your family protected?


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