Your Child Isn't an Accessory


I'm not a perfect person, nor will I ever be. I'm not ever a perfect mom, nor will I ever be! That's not even the point of this blog. It's for encouragement and dialogue and a place for my sisters and I to stay connected since we're so far apart.  it's a place to share our failures and crazytimes.... 

But one thing in particular has been on my heart lately, that's been all over social media for a few years now seems like.  

Why has motherhood become a trend? Why should such a calling, something that requires all of you be something that you just pick and choose what you like about it. Your kids aren't accessories. They're not sitting in your closet waiting for you to give them attention. 

They're human beings! 

They shouldn't have to wonder if their parents love their jobs and night life more than they love them. They shouldn't be made to feel like a burden because they just aren't meeting your expectations. 

Some babies are in daycare 40+ hours a week, then given to a babysitter to be kept almost every night so the parents can go out! I don't understand. I am all about needing a break every now and then; but who's raising your kids here? It's not the parents in this situation. .. it's the daycare worker and the babysitters and the iPad no doubt. 

Your kids aren't a burden, and if you feel that way then maybe put yourself in their shoes for two seconds. Would you want a mom that never wanted to be around you? That always acted annoyed when you had a need or want? 

Your kids need you mom. You only get one chance at this. Let's do our best and be the ones that our kids know that we love them more than any human in this earth ever will. 

Easy Peasy Dinners - Spinach Quesadillas

Tonight I made the easiest dinner and took me a total of 15 minutes! It's inspired by one of my meal planning momma friends who shared a recipe pretty much similar to this but I couldn't find the recipe so I made my version up as I went. So here's what you need:

frozen or fresh spinach / black beans / cheddar cheese / garlic / flour tortillas / cooking spray 


1. Sauté spinach and garlic

2. Add black beans


3. Put black beans, garlic, and spinach mixture to the side.

4. Spray the same pan to keep tortillas from sticking.

If you haven't used Trader Joe's coconut oil spray you should just go right down to the store and get it! It's seriously the best.  

If you haven't used Trader Joe's coconut oil spray you should just go right down to the store and get it! It's seriously the best.  

5. Fill tortilla with mixture and add cheese on top


6. Top it with the other tortilla and flip.

(whenever you figure out how to flip a quesadilla without some of the filling falling out let me know) :) 

7. Top with toppings of your choice. I did green onions and tomatoes with some sour cream on the side.


15 minutes and done! Dinner is served! 

We go crazy over here with our soda water and lime.  

We go crazy over here with our soda water and lime.  

Oh, and did I mention it's delicious?! Cause it's amazing.  


This recipe has been featured on the Weekly Meal Plans article on Making Motherhood Matter. Check it out! 


30 Reasons Why You Should Love My Sister.


1. She was born on a Friday. Who doesn't love Fridays?! 

2. She's got a rare condition called Left-handedness, which means, statistically, she'll live nine years less than the rest of us "Righty's". 

3.  She makes amazing chocolate chip cookies, but she uses margarine instead of butter, so I won't eat them because they're poison.

4. She has this singing voice that makes your singing voice instantly feel inferior in its presence. 

5. She's got an anaphylactic-type allergy to watching her bank account balance go down.


6. She's got an eye for those typefaces.

7. She's consumed so much popcorn over the years, she now has the GMO label on her drivers license. 

8. Speaking of driving...don't ride with her unless you appreciate Mr.Toad's Wild Ride at Disney World.

9. She loves her a good "sloppy" t-shirt. And she rocks everyone she has.

10. She's got more lists than the FBI.


11. She knows how to birth more than one human at a time. Because, she's an over-achiever like that.  

12. She's ready for that attacker lurking in the Target parking lot. She's got that "keys-between-her-knuckles" thing down pat.  

13. She was born with the most gorgeous natural curls, but she killed those "witches" a long time ago with her accomplice, Straight Iron.  

14. She invented raw cookie dough chocolate chip cookie sandwiches. You're welcome. 

15. She's a sucker for cake pops. 


16. Cut her open and she'll bleed espresso. 

17. She's FaceTime royalty.  

18. Her husband is amateur famous. 

19. But she's momfamous, which is even better.

20. All she needs is a kitchen table and a warm body sitting across from her to be the happiest.  


21. If you see her sitting down without a pillow supporting her abdomen, check her pulse. 

22. She don't take no crap. 

23. She's been to Duck Dynasty before. 

24. If you're sick, she won't take care of you. 

25. Her favorite scents are toilet bowl cleaner and sweet pea from 1996 Bath and Body Works. 


26. The Dollar Spot at Target gives her butterflies in her tummy. 

27. Her hugs are legendary and she'll tell you plainly that you suck at it. 

28. She can multitask you multitasking. She's that good. 

29. She never takes herself too seriously.  

30. She's just amazing. Really! There's nobody quite like this Amby.