Vulnerability is Strength, Not Weakness.

Chances are, you probably know someone who wears their heart on their sleeve.  


Someone who literally spews realness, is constantly candid, and just attracts others who are hurting.  


I consider myself one of these people. In fact,  I don't quite know how to be the opposite. 


Furthermore, I don't quite understand why people aren't more realistic in their portrayal of themselves.  


This isn't drama class. This is life. 


It pains me really, that those of us who do open up and seek to bless others thru our truths are often seen as weak and attention-seeking by our counterparts.


Vulnerability is not weakness, it's strength.  


Remaining closed-in, calloused, and appearing as unshakeable actually just makes you a really good actor. 


You appear really weak. 


I want to encourage all of you to see the strength in your openness and vulnerability to others. There's strength in truth. Strength in the sharing of encouragement. Strength in unfiltered honesty. It's why I began this blog with my sisters. We wanted to cut the b.s. and be as open and honest about our lives as we can. 


For those of you who struggle sharing your hurts, fears, and thoughts with others, I urge you to find the strength in releasing some of that in the coming days. Find a good, amazing friend or family member and just say, "Could you pray for me about...?".(I don't care who you are, everyone has something they need prayer about) It can be that simple. It's a start.  


*And if you have literally no one you can trust, come to me. Seriously, I will bear your burden with you confidentially. Email me, Facebook message me...whatever you choose.  


You are weak when you remain strong. I'm not talking about complaining and being negative all of the time. That's a different conversation, entirely. What I mean is, you must allow God to use these valley times, these mountain times and in-between times, even, to be a blessing to others!! 


If you leave everything to yourself, the only thing you have left is to "do" for others. And while doing is awesome, doing and being is even more awesome. Be real. Be honest.  


Are you in pain? Tell someone. Whether it's physical or emotional, people like to know that "Hey! This person understands me! Or...I went thru the exact same situation and I can help!".  


Are you struggling with something specific? Tell someone you trust. Build your village. Reach out. Don't stay stoic. It doesn't matter how hard you try to stand still, you are not immovable.  


Be raw. You don't have to air all your dirty granny panties to everyone, but you should let them see that "Hey, I do laundry too, because life is messy."  


Sometimes, when I share my deepest struggles with an audience like you, Satan immediately plants doubt in my head. He also throws the word weak at me over and over again. 


But, I refuse to change. I know it's making a difference. I seek to be a blessing thru my trials and sharing them is the only way to keep my strength.  


I am strong. And you are, too. Share your strength. I dare you.