For "Kindness'" Sake.

It is with great frustration and heartache that I write this post. Many, many, many of you have missed the point entirely, and so, I coauthor this post with the perfect love of Christ. May He write for me.  


 “Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:1‬ ‭NLT‬‬


I notice you, Christ-follower. We all did.  


We saw your Facebook post. We saw your pictures of you actively serving. We saw the comments and likes that were the "atta boy" you so craved upon hitting 'send'.  


And, so I wonder, truly, what has led you to believe that a virtual thumbs up or a "you are so (this or that)" comment was a great substitute for how Christ would've eventually rewarded you?  



Do we read the same text? Has no one ever lovingly encouraged you, reminded you, or told you that to serve is to do so without audience? 


My heart literally breaks for you when I scroll thru and witness a self-seeking, "God-honoring" post of selflessness.  


You had the right intentions in serving. Oh, you certainly shared the love of our Creator to the immediate world you share with others; you may have even had the chance to develop a new friendship, invite them to your home or church, or just simply share the Gospel during the process. 


You, are doing what we all should be doing. Truly. You have the right idea. Christ smiled upon your obedience to Him. 


But when you give to someone in need, don't let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. 

Matthew 6:3 NLT


But the reward you sought, was as cheap as plastic. It was temporary, self-glorifying, and won't be remembered by the One who promised He would remember those things we did without longing for earthly recognition.  



Do you really want the heart, the desire, the energy, the time you put into the giving go to waste?! Did you really, honestly think that God was proud when you traded His eternal reward for an extremely temporary version than He promised you? 


Please, with love, I beg you to stop practicing this routine.  


If you give money, keep quiet.  


If you see a need and meet it for someone, don't mention it. 


If you donate, let it end at that. Don't seek something in return. 


If you love on your neighbor, don't bring up that you did so to your other neighbor.  


Don't be sneaky about it either, God sees our hearts. Nothing is hidden from Him.  


I wish, I hope, I pray, fervently, that you will go forth in service to others seeking ONLY His eternal praise and reward. It may feel awesome to hear how selfless you were down here, but it will never compare to being bragged on by The King of Kings someday. Never.  


Secretly serve and gloriously be rewarded.  


Love, Alicia  


Rest, My Daughter.

I want you to picture Jesus in front of you now.  


Allow the reality of Him being in the flesh, you in His overwhelming presence, and all of the potential emotions that come with that encounter. 


Picture His eyes as He gazes on you with an intense love we can not duplicate elsewhere.  


Imagine the peace and comfort that radiates from His body towards your soul.  


You see His eyes begin to glisten as He understands and knows fully well the pain, the exhaustion, the weariness you've been carrying.  


He calmly suggests, as a tear or two falls from His eyes, to "Come. Rest." 


You begin to weep as you release all of the burden you've chosen to carry alone, onto His lap.  


He doesn't speak, but gently wipes your tears away with His garment and strokes your hair with tenderness.  


He has all of the time in the world for you. He doesn't rush you. He doesn't have anywhere else He must be. He doesn't mindlessly check His iPhone or think ahead to what He should eat for dinner. He just allows you to rest.  


He stays perfectly still so as not to disturb you. All the while, He never thinks to look up from watching you sleep.  


And when you awake, He is still there. Still watching you. Still comforting you. He is ready to listen, ready to heal, ready to watch you rest all over again, if that is what you choose to do.  


All of our sorrows, anxieties, troubles, negative thoughts, hurts, pains, confusion, and overwhelming "everything's" can and will disappear in His presence (if we allow). 


He never gets a cramp from you resting too long on His shoulder; He never wants to see you leave His side. And, yet, we always (eventually) do.  


We get up, tell Him thank you, and walk away towards everything that we hate. Back towards the pain. Back towards the aloneness, the confusion, and the lies we believe more than the truth He gifts to us. 


He hates to see us go, but He never makes us stay.  


He never leaves that spot, dear daughter. He never leaves that place. He stays put so you can find Him once more, right where you [shouldn't] have left Him. 


Each time, you are greeted with both a smile and tears. "I've missed you," He says, with the same loving tone you've come to both crave and doubt.  


Never condescending, never judgmental, never projecting a "know-it-all" attitude towards your ridiculously poor choice to leave Him once again.  


He's there. Ready to comfort, and heal, and lavish you with His perfect love once again. You simply just need to turn around. 


He wipes your tears and you rest once more. He knows you won't stay long, and it hurts to think you will soon leave again, but for now, He sits. You have some resting to do. And there's nowhere else He'd rather be.  


For only those who believe can enter His rest. Hebrews 4:3




A Creative Way to Invite People to Your Easter Service

Does your church give you invites to hand out to people so you can easily invite others to your Easter service?

I was trying to think of a creative way to invite people. So... I found myself at the Target dollar spot and found some really cute stuff!


Burlap Bags - $1/each ; Little Eggs - $1 (comes with 6 in a pack) ; Green Sparkly Filling - $2 ; Cookies - $2

5 Bags = $10 

 (I already had the sandwich bags for the cookies, and my Easter invites)  


I got enough items to make 5 total bags. Every bag was getting two cookies, invite, little egg, and green filling inside. 


I wrote a little note on the back of the invite letting the person know which service I was going to and I left my number so they could call if they wanted to sit with us or needed anything.

This is how thy turned out! 


I'm praying about who to give these too! If you don't get one I still want you to come with me!! It'll be way fun. 

Share your creative ideas by messaging us below! We love hearing from you.