Blackberries & Jalapeños

Growing up, we never had blackberries or jalapeños in our home. 


My mother never purchased these foods because, for starters, none of us cared for spicy foods. And second, blackberries can be expensive. 


While I can't recall the first time I ate these beautiful creations of God, I do remember they both became one of my favorites to eat.



Today, as an adult, I grow my own.  


They're two of my ultimate favorite foods. 


As I sat in the humid sun today, I was snacking on some of these organic berries.  


I studied it for a bit before putting it in my mouth, realizing, that without distraction, how incredible it's design really is. 


Which gave me a smile. A smile that reminded me Who's original design this has always been.  


And, it's quite incredible. Beyond our understanding how God's creativity in design is really limitless.  


I won't apologize for overthinking this. Because all of the other times I sat to eat these treats I didn't consider the Designer at all. I just took for granted the fact that these intricacies are to be quickly and mindlessly consumed.


And I say all of that to say that maybe our days would be a bit more sweet and spicy if we just slowed down to consider the creativity of the Great Designer.  


The purpose behind the trouble it took to invent seeds and heart chambers and digestive systems and solar systems. And to know that above all of that complexity and beauty, that we are His favorite accomplishment. We are. 



The filthy, selfish, hateful ones.  


The ones that would rather drive-thru for fries than slow down for backyard produce. 


Waiting for growth and fruit and to admire and consume the sustenance is hard to wait for. But, it's worth the wait. And it makes us happier, healthier, and better equipped to make our Creator proud. 


He is good. His creation is good. And it's so complex and insanely mind-blowing for those who dare to truly notice.  


Serving that Creator means taking care of the bodies He loaned to us: His greatest creations. And so, remain purposeful, friends.


Dare to examine and really be aware of the goodness found in the goodness of God. The foods He's given, the bodies, the abilities, the surroundings, it's all a gift.  



What are your "blackberries & jalapeños" foods? Will you purpose to see the care of God the next time you encounter His creation?