The Day I Met Satan (face to face)

I don't remember exactly what day it was. I do know it was about three years ago that I had the scariest encounter of my life. 


My children were 5,3, and about a year old. I recall coasting along all "luke-warm" like before the day I met Satan.  


I recall attending a ladies Bible study regularly during this time. Just about half a year prior, I also recall my sister reaching out to me and desiring to read the Bible thru together. I recall that being an answer to prayer I had prayed just twelve hours before.


I was on my way back to a place where God was the center of my life. I rarely felt attacked before this point in motherhood. It was kinda nice to just coast along with little to no traffic slowing me down.


It was 4am, and I had just nursed Avery back to bed. As usual, I fell back asleep rather quickly. I never expected what would happen next.  


As real as your heartbeat right now, Satan was right in front of me.


I walked into a room with a cold looking metal bed pushed to one side. My Hunter was sleeping soundly on the bed. I went over to him to kiss his head when I saw something horrifying. He had been "marked". 


His exposed, naked back had been laced up with a large, black shoestring.  The sores that contained the piercing thru of each lace were bright red, infected, and pus-filled. It ran the length of his entire back. It was clear who had done this to him. 


Mike came into the room and saw the horrifying scene. In a panic, I asked him, "Where is Carter?!, Where is Avery?!?"  


You could feel the heavy darkness consuming the space. 


I knew we had to find Carter and Avery, and fast. We left the room and began running down dark corridors screaming their names. We knew they were next. 


I saw them in the distance, running and screaming for us. But the closer we got, the more evil I felt in the air. 


He he stepped out from around a corner. Face to face with me, he scowled and sneered the most evil smile I had ever witnessed.  


I cant describe just how shocking he looked. His evil radiated from his face like steam coming from a block of dry ice. He wasn't anything I had ever imagined he would look like. He was worse. Much much worse. And that's all I can say about his appearance, because it's honestly too overwhelming to recall and describe in totality. 


He simply said these words to me, "I will destroy you. And I will start with your by one."  


I didnt stay stay to hear if he had anything else to say. I began running towards my children again... 


And then, it was over. 


I spent the remainder of that morning completely terrified. Overcome with fear, anxiety, discouragement, I walked around feeling defeated and overwhelmed. I called my sister in sobbing tears. I called my Bible study leader and good friend later that day.  


And then I realized something. I needn't be afraid at all. In fact, God sent His perfect peace on me, when I pushed the fear out of the way. 


And then, the next feeling that overcame me was somewhat startling. I felt honored.  


Truly. I did. I realized that Satan saw me as a threat to his scheming and various plots of destruction. He saw me as a true threat to his wiley ways. 


Since that encounter, I've been given the privilege of leading all three of those children to Christ. So Satan doesn't have them, Christ does.  


And since then, I've been more attacked and ridiculed by him than I have in my entire life combined.  


He thought that if he targeted my children first, that it would be the way to discourage me the most. But really, all he did was lead them forward to recognizing their need for a Savior.  


So, now, I'm his direct target. He has lied and lied and lied to me some more. He's literally broken my phone so I can't read encouragement from friends and family. He's tried to come between my husband and I. He's tried to wreck our finances as he's had us literally fighting every day of every week with our medical bill situation. He's set so many road blocks up, and pushed us back into the valley over and over and over again. 


{We keep getting up}.  


Satan, really, I'm very flattered you are obsessed with me. But I'm angry. I'm more angry than I've ever been. And I'm more equipped than I've ever been, too. 


I have so many people in my corner, I have too may people praying, too many people blessing us to let you have your way.  


My body may be weak, but He will fight and has fought for me.


I hate you, and meeting you was probably the most flattering thing that could've happened to me. Not many people can say they've met you face to face. 


You're just jealous of the hope I have.


How pitiful.