How To Organize Your Week

When a new week begins, and we've had our Sunday fun I sit down at the kitchen table and plan the weeks activities and to-do's out! 

I couldn't live without my planners, I think if anything happened to them I would have a full blown panic attack.

I love to write things down. I hate using the calendar on my phone. There's just something wonderful about putting all that I need to get done on a piece of actual paper!! I think I remember things better too when I write it all down. I was that college student who wrote their notes in class in their binder and then re-wrote them once she got back to her dorm so they looked beautiful and well thought out. Maybe that was just me. :) 

Anyways, now there are two other schedules to be in charge of, plus myself and my husbands crazy schedule! 

To keep it all straight I have a to-do and scheduling planner and a financial planner. Let's start with the to-do planner, shall we? 

I got this amazing family planner for $7 at Barnes and Noble! Always try and get your planner for the year mid-January. Everything will be on clearance! 

I got this amazing family planner for $7 at Barnes and Noble! Always try and get your planner for the year mid-January. Everything will be on clearance! 


I have a to-do side of everything I want to accomplish that week, and all appointments, play dates, and things we are going to make their way in their designated day! It's the best, because it's all right there for me to be productive that week.  

My financial planner is even better. Isn't it cute? I got it from Mardels Christian Bookstore here in Cedar Park for $2!  

I apparently didn't pay any bills the month of March or had any budget whatsoever. 😂 I'm not showing you May silly, that's none of your business.  

I apparently didn't pay any bills the month of March or had any budget whatsoever. 😂 I'm not showing you May silly, that's none of your business.  

This planner has only monthly views which is perfect for making sure to pay all of those bills on time! I write down at the beginning of every month what is due when, and cross it off as it is paid. The space on the right I use to make my list of maintenance expenses that need to happen that month, hair cuts, bday presents, how much will we try to put into savings. All of that info goes there.


And then that nifty little pocket is where I store my stamps, paid bills, and receipts. At the end of every month I go through this stack of paper and either throw it away, or if it is a paid bill I file it away for the year.

I've also started to do my grocery shopping online so Sunday evenings when I'm paying bills and planning the week. I'll also plan my meals for the week, and order my groceries so that I can go pick them up the next morning. Which makes me feel super #momfamous ladies.

I also try to plan out fun things to do with the kids each day of the week. I found this super cute print out for weekly planning! http://cf.somewhatsimple.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/weekly-schedule-color.pdf


Isn't it cute?!

Meal planning printables are everywhere online. I really love having one that offers a space for breakfast, lunch, and dinner too. I try to stick to a meal plan. It helps me not to be tempted to go spend money at Chickfila so I don't have to make lunch or dinner. I save money writing things down and making it to where I have to look at these plans constantly throughout the day. Keeps me accountable! Just google "meal plan free printables" and you'll find so many fun things to print for your meal planning!


When I'm done doing my part of planning, Will usually joins me and we have a sync meeting of sorts. I write his schedule on my planner, he writes mine down on his, and we stay connected during the week so much better because of this. We also plan out what we'll do the following weekend as a family and that's my favorite part of the meeting of course! :) 

If you aren't a natural planner, that's okay. Take baby steps. I promise you'll feel more productive, happier, and ready to face the day. Because on that morning when you dread to wake up, you can at least know that you have a plan for that day! 

Ready, Set, Get Organized!! 


Share the ways you keep you and your family organized by commenting below! Share your knowledge!!!  




Everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know you can learn from a child.  




Adults are too busy, stressed, overwhelmed, and distracted to even notice just how immensely different we approach our days from our "childish" counterparts.  


At some point in our growth, a disconnect occurs. We usually exchange a life of carefree joy for a set of our first house keys. The pressures of adulthood, the point at which every child cannot wait to reach to "do whatever we want", is life-sucking, at best. 


But does it really have to be this way?! Are we doomed to live the bulk of our days under the weight of piles of bills and responsibilities?!  


I used to believe this was just how life was. Adults are grumpy, old, fun-suckers and children are energetic, playful, and completely ignorant. They just need to "grow up", afterall. 


I digress.  


I have witnessed the cosmic clashing of adult maturity and know-how, and childlike imagination and excitement more times than I can count.  


And it's somewhat painful to watch. 


Adults lack imagination, creativity, and the energy to keep up with children.

And why are they always so daggone happy and hungry and bouncy-bouncy?!? 

Because to them, each day is a gift from God. 

They wake up perky as they giggle and quickly trapse down the hallways each morning at first light. 

To them, work is play and play is work...so your work isn't play to them and they don't understand why you have no interest in building sand-castles or a game of tag. 


You're tired. I get it. I'm tired, too.

How many times do you see a toddler fall before they actually walk five steps?! Countless. They never give up.

Neither should we.

They want the extra waters and bedtime stories because they aren't ready to put away the present of today. It's still new to them, sleep is a death sentence to their zest and they want you to crave more of the day with them.

They're wise. Goodness, they're wise. I learn more from my children than they ever do from me. 

Because I have yet to remember that each day is still a gift. Whether that day is filled with bills or frustrations, how I choose to deal with those things is my responsibility.

Maybe we just need to build our own sand castles and swing as high as the trees too, because to forget that life is a gift is to forget that all those breaths you're breathing today mean something. 


So breathe. And let the breath become laughter. And let the laughter carry you to notice that children are the greatest life teachers and you are have become their pupil.

love, Alicia