Snacking on the world; feasting on what matters.

I used to be somewhat of a news junkie.  


I never used to care about the news until one night, back in 2008ish, I was flipping through the channels and saw a charismatic, blonde-haired character ranting and raving over some current social injustice.


I decided to pause for a bit and soak up the information she was so furiously spewing through my television screen. 


A little girl had been murdered in Orlando, Florida and her mother was suspect number one. 



The Caylee Anthony Case sucked me in like nothing else ever had before. I was obsessed with watching every episode of Nancy Grace from then on out. I DVR'ed it all. I watched the trial, I read the articles, I shared the drama on Facebook. That case had me so keyed up all of the time.  


When the case had run its course on national television; I stopped watching Nancy Grace altogether. I had found a new love; the king of cable news himself, Mr. Bill O'Reilly.


Then I discovered Hannity, and just stayed put to watch him go off on all things political as well. Every night, for two solid hours, I watched as my patient husband cringed through my nightly ritual.  


And then we moved....and got rid of cable. And thank goodness we did. 


I used to also spend time sharing various social media articles that purposely invited the wolves to bare their fangs. I'd spend hours sometimes debating and defending this or that article or statement. It was ridiculous what I was doing to myself. But I never recognized it at the time...I thought I was doing my part to change the world. 

Afterall, how else was I supposed to influence the world outside of my SAHM prison cell?! I can't discuss these things with my children...and I am more than just a diaper changer and a baby boob feeder.  



I used to gorge myself on the sadness of this world. I used to snack on those things that God wanted to offer me.  


I was spiritually emaciated, and, yet, severely obese all at once.


Maybe that obesity caused the beginnings of my anxiety. I was so overfilled with article after article and news story after newsworthy catastrophe, that there was no room left but to snack on God and His Word.  



I want to encourage you now, to put aside your need for constant information, and to fill that empty space with God. If that means you have to step away for a while from Facebook, Twitter, news feeds of all sorts or unfollow everyone for a season, then please do it. 

I think we can all do better in this area. It really is a struggle.  

Satan wants us to be distracted by these things. He wants you flustered and worked up and not filling up on God's promises. He wants us spiritually weak and anorexic.  



So, nibble on the world. Nibble a little here and there to stay current and to keep yourself from ignorance by omission. But draw the line there. 



Feast, gorge yourself on anything that God says is true, right, and worthy to be praised. Go for seconds, thirds, fourths. "Inhale heaven and exhale God" ...do it. Bask in His goodness. Seek His face. 


Let Him be your newsfeed.