Love Knows No Language

Have you ever met someone or a group of people for the very first time, and immediately felt like you've known them for forever?! That's how I felt tonight about this amazing family. We have known Marcela and Clayton for a few months now, but never met their parents before. This evening we went over to eat dinner with them. They are all from Brazil, and only speak Portuguese... even though there was a language barrier, I just knew that they were kind and loving. You could see Christ radiate from them. They watched the babies in the room next to ours, so that we could eat in peace with Marcela and Clayton. It was the sweetest. I've never seen anything more beautiful in my life. I heard my babies laughing and having the best time with 3 people that they had never met before, and they were hearing a language they had never heard before, but loving every minute with them. They sang songs to them in Portuguese and Liam and Lily were laughing and dancing to the songs. My heart was about to burst.

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On the way home, Will and I spoke about how awesome it was to be surrounded by such wonderful people. True servants of the Lord... It's amazing how you know when the Holy Spirit has connected you to another person. You can't speak the same language, but you serve and love the same God. You can look into each others eyes, and know the Christ has redeemed them just as He has done the same for me.... we are grateful for this blessing... and grateful that one day we'll be in heaven together praising Jesus together for forever! What a gift.

That's what it's all about... serving each other, no matter where you are from, what language you speak... loving one another connects us all. We can certainly communicate when we are loving each other. I'm thankful for this evening, and thankful for the wonderful family we met tonight and for our beautiful friends. We also are looking forward to meeting Baby Catherine!