Talking Myself Out of It

Here we are.

Orlando-ish, FL


 (I say Orlando-ish because we aren't actually staying in Orlando, but some suburb or something.)

Another road trip fo the books. 


For a family that used to feel allergic to traveling, in general, this is our fourth big road trip in less than two years. 


And all four, I've tried...rather desperately...to talk myself out of going. 


The packing. The exhaustion that settles in before even leaving the driveway. The mental and physical lists upon lists. The expenses involved in getting the vehicle in top traveling shape. Blah, blah, blah... 


After our 36 hour drive and back to Texas just 8 weeks ago, I vowed I wouldn't see pavement for longer than an hour at a time until at least six months have passed. 


But here we are...open road...our sights on warmth and sunshine. And I found myself mentally running thru all of the reasons why this trip is superfluous.  


The real reason we're going is so I can attend dōTERRA's leadership retreat. But I couldn't fathom coming to Orlando without my family. After all, Legoland beckons us again with their killer homeschool rate deal on Thursday. 



For $13.50 a ticket, it's worth the trouble, y'all.  


The deal is, people, is I'm tired of dreading and talking myself out of these opportunities. Because I always end up blessed with a great time and great experiences. But my brain treats these times as if I'm walking around looking for my keys when they've been in my hand the entire time.


I forget the loveliness found in the experiences that travel brings. Even more than that, it's the memories. It's the adventure. It's making the hard/tiring thing, a thing to remember always.  



Aside from travel, I often find myself talking myself out of things in and around my own home. Or I conclude that it would be better to wait.


Wait for what, though?! Better weather? A better attitude? Better behaved children?  


And what if all that waiting brings is just opportunities missed? There may not be another better time. 


So go be adventurers! 


We're trying to be. Five kids. Big white massive van. And a map. Oh, and lots of snacks and movies. 


Here we go again....


The Greatest Country In the World

Wow! It's been a long time. Sorry! I've been MIA for a while now, but I can explain, I promise. 

My husband and I packed up all we owned and moved across the country from Fort Lauderdale to Texas. TEXAS (the greatest country in the world apparently)! I never, ever, ever thought I would move here. I always thought that if we left Fort Lauderdale, we'd just move back to North Carolina. To be with our family! But no, no, God had different plans. His ways are not my ways.. that's for sure.

Will and I have always committed to one another that if God opened a door we'd be willing to go and follow Him wherever. When you pray for God's wisdom and guidance, when you're willing to go anywhere and just give it all up to Him... He will truly answer your prayer, and send you to where you least expect to ever go. 

Through this move with our two, two year olds, I've learned a lot of things about life. One of these things that Will and I have learned is that everything that we have, see, and do in life is grace. 

I've never really thought about the mundane in life being grace. The hug from my daughter or son, grace. Or the food that I have more than enough of 24/7 is grace. Doing the dishes, grace.

Jesus has given me a new perspective in life the past month, and I hope I don't ever forget it ... or become complacent about it.

He has taught me as a mother, wife, friend.... that the fact that I can get up every morning and serve my family, that's grace. Every frustration, sadness, loneliness, anger... all of those bad days are just trying to make me believe the lie, that this life is about me. It's not about me or you, it's all about Jesus. Jesus lived the life that I should be living now (but can't because I'm a rotten sinner), and He died the death that was meant for me. 

I'm praying that I remember that even through hard times, God's grace has still be given to me. Because I get to experience God's love and peace through those hard times. That's grace! 

I don't deserve anything. I don't deserve the good or the bad (cause the bad isn't that bad when you compare it to what I deserve) 

I just realized, this move in particular, that even though my mom and dad aren't right down the road from me, or even though I can't go rescue my sister and babysit her kids on a whim.... even though I miss my brother terribly and wish I could help him in person plan his wedding... that God is all that I truly need in life. His grace is enough. His goodness is enough. Where HE has called Will and I is more than enough to bring peace, love, joy, gladness into my life. My life is His... and I won't really be home until I'm in heaven with Him. 

I miss my family and friends everyday, but like my dad said when we moved to Florida, "we'll be together for eternity, you won't be happy unless you're where God wants you to be" I think about this daily, and I'm so thankful for an amazing, supportive family and friends in my life who will be with me in heaven one day for eternity. "I Just can't wait!" :) 

ps - Texas is a pretty awesome place. I'm not going to lie. So far, it hasn't disappointed us.