Growing up

Be My Kids Friend!

Since we've moved, the kids and I like to go out around town trying to find nice parks, or really any kind of toddler-friendly fun. Two days ago, we found an awesome park, and there were two 6-year-old boys playing together with their nerf guns. 

Liam was so enamored with them. When they laughed, he laughed. When they ran, he ran. But of course these kids were just running away from him. They kept saying, "why is this baby chasing us?" "Why doesn't this baby go away?!". I'm watching this and wanting to scream!!!!! 


My sweet baby boy just wanted to play and be big like them. He climbed up the playground all by himself, but it took him twice as long. His little legs just couldn't keep up, and I started to tear up. 

I started tearing up mostly because I wanted these boys to accept my son, even though he's considered 'little'... though to me, he's such a big boy. Whenever the older boys went past me, I just kept saying "he just wants to play with you", or "he's not going to take your toy, he just really wants to play". 


I tried to let him be, and just learn how to deal with it on his own. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to handle this growing up thing. Learning how to deal with others, and love them despite whatever they are doing to you starts at the ripe old age of 2! I can't even believe it. My heart broke into pieces because my little man is growing up... he already has a longing to be big. Before he knows it, he'll be my age, longing to be little again, and carefree. 

I just hugged him the rest of the day, even though he kept pushing me away. I squeezed his baby fat, and smelled his precious baby hair and skin (the baby smell is still on this child. Please Jesus don't take this away ever).

Anyway, I don't even know where to leave you with this post, except that at the end of our park day he was the happiest kid in the world.


So content. So smiley. So grateful to just be outside. He's my precious Liam, who will always have my heart forever and ever. Any advice on how to deal with this growing up mess .... comment away. 


i love you all. xoxo - amber