Making Memories is Messy

How long does it take you to just take your kids to the park or the store?! It's A LOT of preparation!! Today Will and I took the babies to the farmers market and I had to pack a bag like we were going out of town for a day or two. Four bottles, snacks, dinner veggies (just in case we decide to stay out longer than planned), small toys, and everything else that goes into the diaper bag. Strolling them around, changing dipes, carrying them, making sure everyones happy and clean is a lot of work, for a few hours of memories... but it's oh, sooooo worth it!!

We got home from the farmers market and having a day out, and it was time to make dinner. After dinner, it's bath time, after bath time, Will watches the babies so that I can clean up. It literally took me an hour and a half to clean up after dinner. It was craziness. The babies were soo messy after dinner time, that I even had to clean the bath tub after they were done. I'm now sitting on the couch after all of the work that has been done to make sure this day was as fun as possible, and I can't help but smile.

We had dinner together as family, we picked our family pumpkin, our babies laughed a lot... and that is worth it all.

Don't be fooled, I do get tired, weary, and complain a bunch... but when I really think about this crazy, tiring, overwhelming, but awesome job of being mom... I can't help but smile, because my babies were smiling (at least most of the day, when they weren't fussing) : )

Making memories is extremely messy, and a lot of times tiring. But it's worth it! Don't ever get discouraged and think about giving up on getting out and making memories just because it'll be a lot more work than being in the house. (I do this a lot, and then get super determined to get out and do something) You can do it, and it'll more than likely turn out to be more fun for you too!!

Hang in there sweet, tired, and wonderful momma!!! You're doing a great job.