Why we chose Samaritan Ministries

A lot of ladies have been asking me about Samaritan ministries lately with the uncertainty and sticker shock of the new "ACA" (?!) law. So I figure a blog post may just help the most as opposed to replying to everyone individually with the same information. About a year ago now, we too were victims of health care premium sticker shock when our monthly premium doubled with no added benefits in care. We knew we had to do something but were quickly approaching our fourth child's due date and felt the need to wait it out until she was born and all those bills were squared away. We were also aware that if we didn't do something, more than half of my hardworking husbands paycheck would be paying for insurance that we honestly never even used that much.

I first heard of Samaritan from a few larger families on Facebook and was intrigued by it. But I was so confused as to how it worked, it just seemed overwhelming. We searched the site, signed up to receive the packet, and asked questions of those who do/had use/used the ministry as a healthcare alternative. After much prayer and what we considered a leap of faith, we dropped our provider and put our healthcare needs in the hands of the Provider.:)

so how does it work?

You cannot have traditional insurance to apply. Samaritan is NOT health insurance. It's a Biblical alternative to health care. The principle is based off of bearing one another's burdens in the Bible. You are to share in one another's burdens hence the term health care sharing.

What happens essentially, is that you are delegated an amount to pay based on what your family structure is. Our family (minus Mike because his company covers him) pays $370/month. Before you pay, you receive a monthly newsletter. In this newsletter is all kinds of information including the family who you will directly send your money too. It will include the family's name, address, health need they are needing money for and a call to pray for them. You send your money directly to that address and can include a card or a note of encouragement. All eligible needs that are sent to Samaritan and published (assigned to another member) will be taken care of minus the $300 that you are responsible for. So if I take one of the kids to the doc, I tell them I don't have insurance and to bill me directly. If the bill is $200, I just pay for it without getting Samaritan involved. But if Junior breaks his leg, and the total bill equals over $300, then I can send the remaining need to Samaritan, they will assign it to another member(s) and I will begin to receive that money shortly and be able to pay all of my medical bills in full.

Samaritan also has a prayer request list for those conditions that were preexisting before switching to Samaritan or those things like excessive dental work, etc. that they will assign to certain members as well. The member then has the OPTION to give to these needs or not. These needs are assigned in $20 increments and you are allowed to give more or not at all.

There are many more fine details such as what Samaritan will and will not cover and these things can easily be found in the free information packet you can get online.

I will say this, we are very pleased with Samaritan as a whole. We are happy to not be paying so much for what really is a false "assurance". Insurance has become what it shouldn't be in so many ways. I'm happy to not be paying for abortion inducing drugs and for those things that morally, I don't want my husbands hard earned money going to. I'm thankful for the community of believers we are apart of and it's growing by the thousands almost monthly. Samaritan has been nothing but a good choice for our family and I see how God has blessed us even more health wise since making the switch. I highly encourage any Christian family to look into it and prayerfully consider the healthcare sharing world.