It's What You Don't Say That Matters

Admit it. You feel uncharacteristically bold when you can say what you want from behind a screen.  

We've all been there. We post things, passionate things, unfiltered things that we wouldn't otherwise let leave our mouths and heads away from the veil of a screen.  

It's easy. Too easy, in fact, to let passion run on ahead in our attempts to feel validated or understood.  

In motherhood, there is so much to complain about: lack of sleep, squabbling siblings, screaming tantrums, potty training mishaps, and teenagers that won't ever look up, but have the most well exercised thumbs on the planet.  

We usually live in a world of sacrifice and chaos. It's hard. Very hard.

Motherhood hands us several non-ideal scenarios each and every day, sometimes by the hour or minute, and it's so much easier to just complain. [Or scream.]

"I wish my child wasn't so energetic...would just sit down....would stop talking so much..." 

"If only people would stop touching my baby bump. It's super annoying and I roar at them if they begin to reach for it." 

"I'm so sick of trying to think of what to make for dinner. Life sucks." 

"At least I kept the kids alive!" (Said after a very trying day of motherhood)

"My idiot husband brought home the wrong kind of ground beef. Honestly, doesn't he notice what kind I always buy?" 

Maybe, just maybe, we should all just keep our mouths shut, and our screens on lock, when thoughts like these enter our minds.  

Consider the parent that would do anything/everything to just see their child climb, run, and tumble. Not all humans are created equally healthy. The next time you want to complain about your child running down the hall or riding his bike through too many mud puddles, rejoice in the fact that he can do those things. Remember the mama who's child cannot. 

You may not love the inevitable "ooh's" and "ahh's" and belly rubs from strangers when expecting a child, but remember, before you complain, that maybe someone you know would absolutely love to be you. Infertility is not rare, and many women cringe when you say you're annoyed by this or that inconvenience of pregnancy. They would love to be with child...and you have taken it for granted.  

You may hate thinking of what to make for dinner, but at least you have choices.

You may have kept your kids alive today, but other parents will be burying their children unexpectedly. 

Your husband may not have bought the type of meat that you would normally buy, but is it worth dividing your relationship over?! Maybe next time, just bite your tongue and say thank you with a smile and kiss instead. 

It matters so much what you say...even with ignorant intentions, we can unknowingly hurt and frustrate others in our circle.

I know what you're thinking, "it's not my fault if people take it the wrong way and are too sensitive. That's their problem, right?" Maybe. But not always. It's my job to be sensitive in how I articulate life's overwhelming moments. 

So, be careful, mama. Its what you don't say that matters more.