He said they would hate us, so let them.

Let them hate you.  

Its quite flattering, actually. 

Because, Christ predicted this long ago. Afterall, they hated Him first, you see.


I had a friend come to me this morning, upset about a Facebook "un-friending".

This woman that un-friended my friend doesn't have the love of Christ in her heart. In fact, she's pretty cold-hearted. She's very blasé about the abortion she had in the past, she turned down every attempt my friend made to befriend her, love on her and her child, etc. 

And my friend didn't understand. "I've never been mean to her before," she confusingly shot at me. She didn't get why someone would reject acts of love and acceptance from another person. 


I immediately told her to be sad for a moment or two and then be excited. This friend of mine was a light. And the light was a bit too bright for this woman whose heart is a bit too dark to reflect that light back. 


Then, this massacre in Orlando.  


Senseless. Absolute nonsense. I condemn it. 


And if you follow the Christ I do, you should condemn it as well.  

Just don't google news articles about it. They're somehow blaming Christians for the attack. 

While I don't know what true Christ-followers have to do with that whole situation (except for the fact that Chick-Fil-A literally opened on Sunday (which they never, ever do), made TONS of food, and GAVE it all away to the community that was dealing with the aftermath) I do know that they hate us. They meaning "the world". 


And that's great! That's perfect! Because if they hate us, it means we're not like them. It means we aren't hateful. It means we do the opposite of what they love. It means we follow Christ.  


Rejected. Ostracized. Persecuted. Shunned. Picked-on. Ignored. Blamed. Overlooked. Hated. 


Let them. It's to their detriment. We can't stop loving and doing just because we are scared of the headlines. This is all temporary anyway.  


And if it bothers you a lot...tell Him about it. He can do more than just sympathize with you. He gets it. Goodness, does He.  


"In this world, you will have trouble, but, take heart! I have overcome the world!" -Jesus Christ


Thanking God that this is not our home. This is a bridge to eternity. An eternity that will be filled with love and all good things.  


Until then, let's pray. Let's do. Let's be. Let's do it all brightly.