Fall Decorations

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Fall is my very favorite season. (if only South Florida celebrated this lovely time.) To make me feel better about the fact it's October and 90* outside are my fall decorations! Some days I turn the air way down too, and snuggle up in a sweatshirt in the house. Here are few of the decorations that I've made, or purchased for a small amount of money.

photo 1

Top Left - I took a square twig wreath I've had for years and just put a few leaves down the one side and propped it on the side entertainment center / The wooden pumpkin is from Hobby Lobby for like $8  (the closest Hobby Lobby is hours away, it's very sad) / Pumpkin Glade Candle $2.99 at Target

Top Right - Those are just felt leaves that I cut out of felt paper, and then strung them through with yellow yarn. Super cheap and easy.

Bottom Left - a glass bowl I already had (we were using it to collect random clutter), filled with pine cones I've also had for many years. I added a few fake leaves and it's perfect!

Bottom Right - Tiny, Glittery Pumpkins from Hobby Lobby (I think they were like $2/piece)

photo 2

Fall Wreath for the front door. I just bought a bunch of filler and stuck it into the wreath.. I didn't even super glue anything.

photo 3

With different fake plants I just take out the spring/summer flowers, and add the fake leaves that I had a bunch of, and then I have a few of those cute little pumpkins throughout the house.

I also have the fall kleenex tissue boxes in the bathrooms.... halloween kitchen towels... and a few leaves on a brown tray for the center piece of the kitchen table. The biggest thing to do, is to remember to light those candles or have your scentsy going too! The pumpkin smelling house is divine.

What do you do to decorate for fall?


Amber's Favorite Time of Year

My favorite time of year is almost here! Unfortunately, South Florida doesn't have much of a fall or winter. I actually do get a little depressed when October rolls around. All I want is to be in the Virginia mountains, with my sweatshirt on... Not in 90* weather. No. No, thanks. So, to make my self feel better, every year I turn the air way down, put on a sweatshirt, light my pumpkin candle, and sip my pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks and pretend it's 55* outside and I'm about to go apple picking somewhere. *sigh*

Here's what I bought today, my first pumpkin spice candle of the season:


What are your favorite fall traditions?!