"Mommy is so much fun."

By, Carter (age 7). 

By, Carter (age 7). 

That's a picture my son just handed me as I was busy putting the three girls down for a nap.  


He handed it to me with the biggest smile on his face. He was full of joy as he revealed his "secret" coloring project.  


I hesitated as I took it from him because I knew whatever it was he drew for me, that I don't deserve it today.  


I especially don't deserve the words he wrote. I should hardly be labeled as "fun" today. In fact, fun should be changed to "tired", "irritable", "cranky", "overwhelmed" absolutely ANYTHING besides fun.   


I thought, "why would he draw this for me today"? I have literally "lost it" more times than I can recall, I have done my best to keep children on task with schoolwork and the little ones occupied. I have dealt with the added annoyance of a living room update complete with paint supplies, tools, and a space that isn't put together at the moment.  


I fell asleep, after changing outlets with my husband, at 2am (something that couldn't wait since we have so many curious little hands), was awoken at 4am to toddler cries, and again at the crack of dawn to three very energetic and well slept little girls. 


Have you ever had a moment or a day where the grace and mercy from your children is way more than you deserve? I teared up when he walked away from handing that picture to me. I haven't been fun today, not in the least, but that doesn't change the fact that my son loves me in spite of my bad day.  


To him, I'm fun. Even today when fun seems as foreign to me as another language.  


 Sometimes, God uses the littlest things to expose our bad attitudes.


Grace abounds.  


Love, Alicia