Product Review: The Honest Company

images Have you tried any of the (many) items that The Honest Company has to offer?! I signed up for free, to receive my free sample of their bulk items. I received the essentials bundle for my free sample and I really loved what I received. I then decided to keep my membership (which you can cancel at anytime)... so for $35/month you get 5 items from the Honest Company.

After I received my box (which is super cute by the way) I wanted to cancel my account. I thought "There's no way I'll need surface cleaner, body wash, shampoo, lotion, and healing balm every single month! That's insane!"

I thought this and then when I went into my account to cancel it, I realized you can edit your bundle! This changed everything. The Honest Company makes soo many different products. So, every month you can get something completely different. Here's what I got this month:

• bug spray • wipes • stain remover • diaper rash cream • hand sanitizer spray

Here's how it arrived! --->

honest company


Their products are plant based and all natural. Which we love, and everything is just super cute, which is even better. Here's what the site looks like when you have an account:

Screen shot 2014-07-17 at 9.26.54 PM

It's also much cheaper to purchase their bundles from their website, than it is to buy any of their products separately at Target. I also really like their diapers (have you seen their patterns, they're crazy cute!!!!), but they are way too expensive in my opinion, and I'm super happy with Target's Up&Up brand diapers, but so far their products are pretty awesome, and they all work great.

Here's what I decided to get for next month:




If you're interested in signing up for a free trial use this link!

**This post is my personal opinion and I did not get anything in return for writing about The Honest Company.

The two words my 3 year old says everyday.


This is my Avery. 20140707-204549-74749369.jpg Avery sometimes eats with her Sofia the First sunglasses on. 20140707-204650-74810342.jpg

She also is in love with pink (strawberry) ice cream.


She's smart beyond her years, having fully taught herself the entire alphabet by recognition at 18 mos. She's also incredibly intuitive and caring. She's radiates life but also knows how to relax whenever that thumb goes in her mouth. She is very adamant about wearing a dress each and everyday (which I actually prefer), she makes me sing the song from Tangled when I brush her hair at night and she says the best little kid prayers to Jesus.



But one of my favorite things that Avery does that only I've been privy to, until Mike noticed it the other day, is the two words she says to me everyday before both naptime and bedtime.

"Happy Easter, Mommy!" she says with all the love and excitement in her heart.

This comes right after, "I love you, mommy!"

And I've always countered back, without hesitation, "Happy Easter, baby!"

She's done this everyday, without missing a day, since we actually celebrated Easter this year. At first, I thought it was so funny, then I found myself anticipating it...that sweetest voice in the world saying "Happy Easter" each time I'm about to walk out of her room after tucking her in.

Mike overheard her a few days ago and laughed and said "Why does she do that?! Doesn't she know it's not Easter anymore?"

"I don't know, but I hope she doesn't stop," was my reply.

Then tonight, as she said it to us both, Mike giggled again and responded with his own "Happy Easter" back. Then we realized, she's onto something.

For those of us who believe in Christ, everyday we should live our lives in celebration of Easter. What hopelessness we would find ourselves in if it were not for Easter.

So my sweet Avery, she's done it to me again. In her extreme youth, she's proven wise far beyond her years and understanding. But then again, maybe she does understand. Jesus can use even the tiniest of us all. And I'm thankful for the reminder everyday from that tiny, sing-songy voice.

And so from Avery to us all, "Happy Easter". May we be forever grateful.

Love, Alicia

My apology: I've taken this pregnancy for granted.

20140612-142344-51824256.jpg I'm currently almost 33 weeks pregnant with our sixth child (we've had one early miscarriage back in 2007). With all of the moving craziness and the fact that we're still one of the most fertile couples I know of, I have taken this pregnancy for granted.

And I'm pretty ashamed of it.

I'm ashamed because I know there are women out there that God has closed their wombs for one reason or another that we may never understand why. I'm ashamed because daily I know about 50000 unborn lives are snuffed out in this horrid world. I'm ashamed because while I preach the beauty of welcoming God's eternal blessings (ie.,children), I have barely given much mind to the impending arrival of this blessing.

I imagine I'm not the only one out there that has taken a pregnancy for granted. I doubt I'm the special case where after having borne more than double the children the average American couple has, that it just isn't too surprising that "she's pregnant. again.".

So, until this child comes out of the womb, my prayer will be that God won't ever let me get off with being calloused to the miracle of life within. This may very well be my last pregnancy, and then what shall I do, as I look back and realized I missed the joy of carrying this child?!! God has every right to close the womb, take any of my children home to heaven before he takes me, and then I would feel regret for not fully enjoying the lives He's so graciously loaned to me to care for. He is so gracious. So so so gracious.

So this is my apology to you, my child, and most of all, my God. From now on, may I not take this life for granted.

May we be ever mindful of the sacredness and true miracle that carrying a child is. May we never get used to it. May we always be humbled and feel ever loved when God fills our womb with His child.

Love, Alicia