My Apology to The World

Today, I'm just solemn.  

It's hard not to look around, each day this earth keeps spinning, and to not be more overcome with grief and confusion than the day before.

We are just downright cruel to each other. For no good reason, too.  

Christ-followers are no exception. Mostly, you can't even distinguish the light amongst the darkness anymore. If, indeed, we are to be light to this chaotic world, then why must we all squint so hard to detect it at all?

On behalf of nearly a billion people who claim "Christian" as their label for themselves, I want to sincerely apologize to the other six billion of you.  

Christians, or those who truly follow Christ (these days, there is a difference), are not immuned to sin, heartache, and trial. In fact, we are told in God's Word that we will most certainly face trials of many kinds "...but greater is He who is in (us)..." .

So, we'll still fail you, ourselves, and our God. The difference is, our God has showered us with immense amounts of grace and mercy because we simply accepted that enormously generous gift. That's it.  We didn't do anything to deserve it. Nobody does. Nobody ever will. 

If we are to be walking testimonies to those who don't believe in Christ, then what grade should we give ourselves based on our performance?  

Do we love unconditionally? Do we reach out to serve, expecting nothing in return? Do we abstain from sexual immorality and see those who are immoral through the eyes of Christ? Do we nurture our marriages? Seek no accolades? Amend JOY (Jesus, Others, Yourself)? Are generous givers? Speakers of truth and love? Encouragers? Leaders? Sharers? Faith-filled? Hope-filled? Joyful? Hard-working? Neighbor-loving? Mission-minded people? 

We've failed those who have kept their eyes on us for so long. We've been more concerned about blending in than standing out? Why should Christianity seem appealing to the world?! We've turned it into rubbish. Made a mockery out of our own! Shame on us!  


How many more people will we snub, shun, and turn away from Christ because of our behavior?!? 

Huh?...I mean, really. How many will be enough?!?  Is 500 million enough? No? How about 2 or 3 billion?!? Does that number upset you enough?!

These are souls, not just bodies. Just because you possess life eternal doesn't mean the game is over. Yea, you may have reached "Candy Land" but you always keep playing until everyone gets there, right?! At least, that's the way I've always played it.  

So stop acting too good, too tired, too busy to actually recognize the fact that while this world rapidly goes up in flames, the lives that are burning with it, still hold a death sentence. An eternal death sentence.  

Yeah, the teams are extremely uneven. They are overwhelmingly more in numbers. The task at hand seems incredibly arduous, at best. But, we can't cry "Come Quickly, Lord Jesus!!" each morning, noon, and night and just sit and wait to be rescued with a pina colada in hand and our feet up.

God's waiting for us to continue His Will that no one "should perish, but that all should come to repentance". I'm quite frightened to see how many missed opportunities their were, completely squandered opportunities, and how many lives were lost because of our actions "in the moment". 

I pray we do better. The world needs us. They need to SEE that light. They are waiting for it. And they shouldn't have to wait.  


Why Christian Mothers are the Wealthiest People on the Planet

Dear [Christ-follower] Mother, the wealth of all the richest men combined throughout history cannot compare to the wealth you possess. You are among an elite group of women that are truly the wealthiest beings that ever set foot on this planet. most of our wealth is unseen [for now]

We are promised, as are all men, women, and children who truly follow Christ, that God is busy preparing a place for us in His eternal kingdom. Our minds cannot rightly fathom all the wonders and splendor that await our arrival someday, but we know that any earthly treasure can never compare to what is waiting for us in that City. We have a hope that is beyond this life filled with heartache and suffering. We know that in Heaven we will never know pain and our tears we so often shed will never well up in our eyes again.

we will be reunited with the ones we have lost

One of the greatest hopes a Christian mother has is the overwhelming joy of being reunited with a baby or small child that went before them. Whether you've had a miscarriage, an abortion, a baby born still, an unexpected passing of a young one, you will spend all eternity enjoying your precious one that was taken too soon. What a joy! What a hope beyond compare!

witnessing your child come to Christ

Amongst the greatest joys on this side of heaven is when your own child sees his need for a savior and accepts the free gift of eternal life. Some of us have had or will have the privilege of helping to lead our own child(ren). Both of my boys have each come to me on their own accord and have asked me to help lead them to the cross. Two of the best days I've had as a mom were those days. The joy that filled my heart made me want to burst!

access to joy

Not every Christ-follower has joy but every Christ-follower has access to an unlimited supply of joy if they so choose. How do we receive joy? By falling deeper in love with our Creator. Talk to Him, read His word, listen to His voice, and by living as He did on earth. Happiness is fleeting and based on circumstances. Joy is contagious and not easily taken. Only you can take your own joy away....just walk the opposite direction of the One who possess the joy we all should crave.

never without hope

In the midst of crisis or confusion, we are not without hope. In the middle of the night when we're up with a sick child, we can pray and hope and feel His comfort. When the bills are piling up and the bank account is dwindling, we are not without hope. We know He cares. When our spouse is out of town or on deployment and we feel lonely and tired, we are not alone. He is there and He cares. When life is just plain cruel and the unexpected tragedy occurs and we ask "why?" a million times, it doesn't catch Him off guard one bit....and we have hope and access to the peace only He can give.

So remember how blessed you are, Christian Mother. Remember how temporary this life and these troubles are. Remember your future. Remember that He will walk with you thru every trial and uncertainty. Remember that when you see others around you that seem wealthy in the things of this life, that you are the wealthiest among them. For the things you are wealthy in are eternal and cannot be destroyed. Humble yourself today and thank Him for the hope that you have. And then share it....first with your own children and then to the world.

What a blessed life we live!