When You Stand and Scream (or "Help Me Down").

Most of you are aware that I currently referee a very active 18-month-old on a daily basis. 

After five children, you'd think I'd have this toddler-mothering thing down pat. I'm ashamed to say that I kinda don't. Well, at least this time around I don't. 

This toddler is especially climby/clingy/mischievious. Sometimes all three at once. And, boy is it ever tiring. 

She does this thing. All. The. Day. Long. With maybe a mere five minute gap in between the "doing of the thing". 

It's a never-ending game of "wheeeeeee, this is fun...I'm climbing!!/I'm on top of the table/chair/playset/couch/whatever". 

And then...after the novelty of the climb begins to wane, it's time to remind everyone how terrified she is of actually just reversing the action that got her up there in the first place. 

She'll stand, arms reached out in desperation, eyes filled with sobs, cries escalating with each passing minute we fail to rescue her again. 

She never tries to actually attempt to descend herself. If she only understood that the energy she puts into trying to be rescued she could just save herself the trouble and GET DOWN.

As I watched her complete her ritual for the umpteenth time just today, I stood and smiled, just giggling and shaking my head at her lack of motivation. 

That's when God spoke.

"Yeah, totally true," I thought to myself. "I'm just like that."

How many times have we gotten ourselves into a situation and then just stand and scream for God to come and save us from the descent? 

"But you're perfectly equipped to get down by yourself."

After this revelation, I didn't go save my stubborn, emotional toddler. I purposed to see how long it would take for her to realize she could do it herself. 

Guess what? She never did. Her big brother had to get up there and save her because she was too scared of the one inch her height lacked in reaching the ground. 

Maybe we all need to just realize that sometimes, maybe, God isn't going to keep climbing up to help us down. Maybe what we need is just for Him to stay close by while we get down ourselves. Supporting. Encouraging, but not rescuing. 

The truth of the matter is, He has already rescued us. He's done the ultimate in saving, and really never owed us that, even. So any "bonus" saving He does for you is way beyond what we ever should deserve. 

Let's not approach God as our personal safety net, but, instead, begin to notice the power and strength that he has equipped us with in order to overcome the obstacles we put in front of ourselves. 

Don't allow an inch keep you from continuing on. He's right there. Smiling. He knows you can conquer that last inch. He knows you can get down and keep moving forward. He's not going to save you because you don't need saving anyway. 

Just get down.